Museum of Regional Ethnography

The museum expositions are located in one of the most imposing city structures — the Town Hall  (Ratusha). It was opened in 1940, May 1. At that time the museum was situated at Halytska St., 7. There were the following sections: historic, naturalistic, that of folk art and the book depository.

The museum's funds numbered 15 500 articles at that time. They included the Pokuttya Museum collections, those of the Hutsulshchyna Museum in Zhabyie and some private collections. During World War II the largest part of the museum's collections was evacuated to the East. It never came back. In 1941–1944 the remained collection part was stolen. In 1944, August 1, the museum renewed its work. In 1959, after the major repairs of the Town Hall, a new museum's exposition was opened there.

Today the museum is a prominent scientific, cultural and educational center of the region. There are the following sections: naturalistic, historic, that of folk art, archaeological. The naturalistic section introduces the local nature variety. The archaeological collection of Kyiv Rus and Galician-Volyn State period decorates the historic section. The exhibits from the Ancient Halych excavations are of the great interest, too. There is a rich arms collection and the collection of ancient books. The folk art section presents the family life things, clothes, articles of applied arts. The icons of ХVII-XIX с. are represented in the display as well.

The museum's funds number more than 120 thousand items. They became the basis for new displays and permanent exhibitions. Each year the museum organizes archaeological expeditions, conducts scientific conferences, edits "The Scientific Notes" and other literature. It also conducts the methodical management of the regional public museums.

Working hours:
10:00-17:00 (ticket office till 16:30), closed on Monday.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 40 UAH.
Students — 30 UAH.
Pupils, pensioners — 20 UAH.
Visitors who are allowed for free:
  • ATO participants;
  • children of pre-school age (up to 6 years old);
  • orphaned children;
  • disabled children;
  • Chernobyl liquidators;
  • museum workers.
  • Excursion fee:
    Adults (till 25 persons) — 120 UAH.
    Pupils and students (till 25 persons) — 80 UAH.
    Individual excursion (1 person) — 100 UAH.
    Family excursion (till 10 persons) — 80 UAH.
    Ivano-Frankivsk city
    Halytska St., 4 а

    Теl. +38 (0342) 75-23-44,
    +38 (0342) 75-00-26

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