OLEKSA DOVBUSH Historical and Memorial Museum

The museum was opened in September, 1995, in 1997 it got the status of State Museum. The exposition is formed of the most interesting historical materials concerning the movement of opryshky (folk rebels) and works of art devoted to Oleksa Dovbush folk avenger.

Museum's exposition is formed of the materials from the private collection of the Ukrainian famous scientist-historian, professor, academician and Historical Sciences Doctor Volodymyr Hrabovetsky. Those are originals and copies of judicial protocols, materias of social and economic relations history and works of poets, prose writers, dramatists, composers, artists and cinematographers.

The museum consists of two expositional halls. The first hall opens with the stand, dedicated to the founder — Volodymyr Hrabovetsky. The next exposition is dedicated to Galician-Volhynian principality. Stands enlighten materials about the rebels from Prykarpattya villages in 1490-1492 years against noble Poland under the guidance of Mukha, battle near Rohatyn in 1490 year. There are also exposed works about fights of local inhabitants under the guidance of Semen Vysochan and Ivan Hrabivsky in 1648 year.

The second hall contains materials which show up social and economic premises of the opryshky movement raising under the guidance of Oleksa Dovbush; writs, maps, schemes, painting and sculptural images illustrate the situation in Galicia in the first half of the XVIII century. A particular role in the museum's second hall exposition plays a pictorial ornamental picture by V. Masyutkin-Cherkes, called Oleksa Dovbush in Chornohora. Interesting exhibits in the museum are: different kinds of arms, clothes, some things of opryskhy. The last showcase contains belles-lettres about Oleksa Dovbush and opryshky.

Working hours:
10:00-17:00, closed on Mondays.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 5 UAH
Children — 3 UAH
Excursion rates:
10 UAH per group.
I. Mazepa St., 1

Tel.: +38 (03422) 53-07-29
+38 (098) 920-19-99
How to get there:
The museum is located in the town centre near the town hall.
48.92111  24.70652  
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