Leisure, tours, recreational activities
in Ivano-Frankivsk

  • Ecotrain

    Survival training is a new kind of extreme tourism in the Carpathians.
    We are inviting desperate people who have a desire to learn survival skills in the mountainous region, sleep in the forest without a tent, hunt and taste frogs/insects/beetles and learn how to use climbing equipment.
    Each time, we choose a new route.
    Departing from Ivano-Frankivsk: June 10-11, July 1-2, July 15-16, August 5-6, August 26-27.
    There can be maximum 10 people in a group.
    Price - 700 UAH.
    Languages: UK, RU
    Address: Ivano-Frankivsk
    Phone: +38 (098) 305-22-70
  • The unique ship with hotel and restaurant inside.
    All features for a comfortable rest are provided:
    - comfortable cabins for accommodation (10 persons; 2 cabins for 4 persons, 1 cabin for 2 persons); each one is heated and has a bathroom (shower, WC);
    - a restaurant with a bar; dainty dishes made on grill;
    - lower covered deck, banquet room, outdoor dinners;
    - wi-fi internet, TV, stereo system;
    - sunbathing on the top deck;
    - sightseeing tours along the route; active rest: fishing, picking up mushrooms, berries and herbs.
    Languages: EN, PL, RU
    Address: Port 'Rakovets'
    Phone: +38 (067) 256-36-06