Located in the sprawling valley of the river Teresva (the tributary of the river Tysa), about halfway from the district center Tyachiv to the well-known resort Ust-Chorna. The village is surrounded by gardens and not very high mountains (600-700 m above the sea level). There is Mount Kachulka, Mount Klymbak and Mount Plesha. The highest mountain in the region is Mount Mahura (884 m). Two tributaries of the river Teresva, Slany and Velykii, flow through the village. Population — over 5 thousand people.

The first mention of Kalyny in historical chronicles dates back to the year 1405 (in Maramorosh letter). The treasure found there (swards, military tchekanmolots, gudzyky and axes) is from the Late Bronze Age (near the end of the 2nd millennium BC).

There is a legend why the village was called this way. A young girl named Kalyna was kidnaped by opryshki because of her outstanding beauty. After a while the leader of the rebels ordered to put the girl to death. It was done to avoid conflicts within the group. The rebels planted a guelder rose tree ("kalyna" in Ukrainian) on her grave.

A lot of famous people were born in this village — a well-known graphic artist from the Transcarpathian region, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine P. Bedzir; a lot of talented artists — N. Cherevko, T. Herych and I. Kutsyn; a folklore historian from the Transcarpathian region, an author of a book of poems "The flower of Verkhovyna" Yu. Boichuk; a public figure in Ukraine (Subcarpathian Rus) and Czechoslovak Parliamentary Secretary (Agrarian Party) E. Bachynskii.

They offer Green Tourism and there is also a recreation complex with a ski lift. You can visit an arboretum at the territory of the local school.

Important information:
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Village Council149 а, Slovianska Street+38 (03134) 7-44-80, 7-44-78
Telephone inquiry service +38 (031) 99-109-11
ClinicBorkaniuka Street+38 (03134) 7-44-85
Post officeSlovianska Street+38 (03134) 7-44-75
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