National Park
ZACHAROVANY KRAY (The Charming Land)

Zacharovany Kray National Park was created on May 21, 2009 in Irshava district of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) region. It covers an area of 6101 hectares.

The park encloses Velykyi Dil range — the central part of Vyhorlat-Hutyn volcanic ridge and is separated from other parts of volcanic ridge by valleys of Latorytsya river and Borzhava river. Buzhora mountain is the highest local peak (1085 m above sea level). Biggest part of Borzhava river flows through the territory of Zacharovany Kray, so its biggest part is covered with wetlands and unique rocky landscapes are formed here.

Main attractions of the park: the deepest sphagnum bog in Ukrainian Carpathians, called 'Chorne bahno' (Black Bog) (7 m); Enchanted Valley geographical reserve with original stone formations (up to 100 m); beech virgin forests — ecosystems with different age characteristics and phases of the stand's development.

A characteristic feature of Zacharovany Krai National Park is a valley with original stony crests in Smerekovyj potik upstream. The local cliffs reach 100 m, recalling ruins of castles, trees and animals by its form. There is also a stone waterfall here, formed from lava-flow, on the right there is a cave with a mineral spring.

The region is characterized by a temperate continental climate with warm summer, mild winter and warm autumn. The maximum summer temperature reaches +30ºС, minimum winter temperature is –33ºС.

Forests cover 87,5% of the park territory. Among them there are 90% of beech forests and 7% of spruce (fir-tree) forests. Alder trees are also common for this territory.

Generally there are 165 plant species on the territory of National Park. Flora of the park is rich in the following meadow formations: red fescue, bentgrass, briza, red clover, tussock grass. Plants that grow in the wetlands here include: bog cranberry, common heather. 29 plant species are included in the Red Book of Ukraine.

On the territory of Enchanted Valley there are 1500 animal species, 38 of them are included in the Red Book of Ukraine. Rare animal species are represented by: Carpathian red deer, chamois, brown bear, wild boar, badger, lynx, wildcat. Fauna of Chorne Bahno in the upper reaches of Irshava is considered to be very special, for instance, Arcticocamptus cuspidatus, Hydroporus melanocephalus  brevis і Agabus clypealis. Location of the latter two species is southernmost in Europe. Among butterflies there is emperor dragonfly.

In the basin of Velykyi Dil there are: brown trout, cottus, phonixus, thymallus (included in the Red Book of Ukraine). Among amphibians there are: fire salamander, Carpathian newt, yellow-bellied toad, European common frog.

Along the territory of Zacharovany Kray National Park there are marked ecological trails and routes. There are unique sights of nature, mineral spring, the historic place of landing of the partisan group I. On the territory of the park ecological and scientific work is carried out. For instance, international volunteer project 'Ecoaction, ecoart, ecoyou').

Office of the protected area:
Zakarpattia region
Irshava district
Ilnytsia village
Partyzanska St.

Tel.: +38 (03144) 7-90-02
+38 (03144) 7-98-02

Open: 9:00-18:00, closed on Sa. and Su.
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