Worth seeing in Turka

  • Church of St. Nicholas

    The church of St. Nicholas was built in 1739 by master Danylo Prokopiy on the place where the chapel of 1700 was situated. It is a typical wooden church of the Boyky architecture type. During 1960-1989 it was closed. In 1971 the church was restored under the guidance of Ivan Mohytych and Ihor Kovalyshyn. After restoration it served as a museum. Now it is an Ukrainian Orthodox church.
    Address: Turka, Serednya St.
  • Church of the Assumption of St. Virgin

    The church of the Assumption of St. Virgin is an ancient wooden church of the Boyky type, a national architectural monument.
    The structure impresses by its elegant forms with the gothic elements and delicate towers. There is an iconostasis with baroque icons inside.
    Now it is a Ukrainian Orthodox church.
    Address: Turka town
  • Church of the Transfer of the Relics of St. Nicholas

    The church of the Transfer of the Relics of St. Nicholas is a national architectural monument. It is situated at the cemetery in Likot tract.
    The church was built in 1776, and it is a typical example of Boyky sacral architecture. Now it is a Greek-Catholic church that mostly serves as a memorial temple.
    Address: Turka, A. Sheptytsky St. 8
  • Roman-Catholic Church of Assumption

    The church construction began in 1778. It got its present look during the restoration of 1906-1914 under the guidance of architect Stanislaw Mayerskyy. During the I World war the building was very damaged. The church was rebuilt during 1926-1928. The inside wall paintings appeared in 1930s, and the stone bell tower was constructed nearby.
    During the Soviet period the church served as a storage. In 1992 it was given to the local Roman-Catholic community.
    Now it is the main Roman-Catholic church in Turka. It is a prominent monument of sacral architecture of XVIII — early XX c.
    Address: Turka, V. Stus St.35
  • Synagogue

    The Synagogue in Turka is a monument of the mid. of the XIX c. It was built in the style of «romantic» secession.
    The whole complex included the large synagogue with the observation tower, 'Beys Midrash' or a house for Prayers, and several little professional synagogues.
    Some researchers consider the synagogue to be a typical example of the Galician Jewish architecture.
    Now it serves as a joinery workshop.
    Address: Turka, Dzherelna St.
  • Town Hall

    The Town Hall is situated in the center of Market (Rynok) square. It was built in 1907 on the place of the wooden one.
    The new structure was built in modern style. Now the house serves as Town Hall, besides, Boykivshchyna museum is placed here, too. The museum exposition represents the local history and every day life of the region.
    Address: Turka, Rynok Sq. 26