Rehabilitation and saunas in Skhidnytsya

  • Golden Fleece

    Russian baths for 6 person. Tea is included. Swimming pool, lounge room.
    Rate — 320 UAH per hour.
    Massage for additional payment.
    Address: Skhidnytsya, Boryslavska St. 31-b
    Open: around the clock
    Phone: +38 (067) 374-47-37
  • Ignatyev's Villa

    Sauna with a cold pool (3x3 m, depth is 1.6 m) - 200 UAH per hour (for 6 persons).
    Rate includes sheets, towels and teas, there is a lounge room. Massage and bath with hydromassage are available (should be arranged).
    Address: Skhidnytsya, T. Shevchenko St. 99
    Open: 14:00-22:00
    Phone: +38 (03247) 6-67-27, +38 (03248) 4-81-86, +38 (050) 370-58-70, +38 (098) 403-59-11
  • Respect

    Finnish sauna and Roman bath for 4-6 persons. Service includes: bathrobes, towels and bath sheets. There is a heated swimming pool (10 m long, 1,60 m deep) and a mini waterfall. There is qualified medical service and individual rehabilitation programs in the SPA centre. Such kinds of medical procedures are available: halotherapy, ozokerite therapy, wellness therapy, speleotherapy (salt room), underwater shower massage, inhalations, laser gum irrigation, massage, oxygen foam. There is also a phyto-bar.
    Address: Skhidnytsya, B. Khmelnytsky St. 28
    Open: 08:30-20:00
    Phone: +38 (067) 440-57-55