Worth seeing in Yaremche

  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul

    The church of Saints Peter and Paul in Yaremche (Dora suburb) was built and consecrated in 2000, July, 24. The church is a unique example of local wooden architecture. It also includes the museum named after A. Sheptytsky. In the interior of the church the paintings of the iconostasis in the modern style were made by f. Yaroslav Svyshchuk, and the carving — by Igor Fabulyak from Ivano-Frankivsk. In the yard there is a «City of Martyrs» — a symbolic grave with the Cross and crucifix, and busts of hierarches and martyrs of the Greek-Catholic church. The museum exposition with a great number of paintings and crafts is of great interest.
    Address: Yaremche, Kamyanka St.
  • Church of St. Elijah the Prophet

    The church was built in early XX c. by I. Yavorsky, the local master. In 2014 was burnt down and then rebuilt. It is a typical example of wooden folk architecture, built without nails. The church belongs to the Studite monastery of the Greek-Catholic chuch, and St. Elijah is its patron.
    Address: Yaremche, Svoboda St.
  • Church of St. John the Merciful

    Church of St. John the Merciful is a notable monument of XVIII c. It is a perfect example of local wooden folk architecture. Together with the bell tower the church creates a unique architectural ensemble of Yaremche town.
    Address: Yaremche, Yamna hamlet
  • Church of the Wonder of the Archistratigus Michael

    Church of the Wonder of the Archistratigus Michael is considered to be the national monument of architecture. The temple is the oldest one in the region. The church dates back to XVII c., though the exact period of its construction and the architect are unknown. In 1844 the church was rebuilt by V. Khnyshyk. The paintings of XVIII с. have been preserved in the interior, particularly those at the carved iconostasis. But most of the icons belong to XIX c. The church has never been closed.
    Address: Yaremche, Kamyanka St. 32
  • Dovbush Rocks

    The Dovbush rocks are unique creation of nature (the Dribka hole). Nowadays the place is a mecca for tourists. The amazing conglomeration of sandstone rocks created a fortress of unique style. The Dovbush Stone is of specific interest for visitors. The silent giant rises over the river and hides old legends and tales. It is nearby the highway and the tunnel.
    Both the Stone and Rocks are nature objects connected with Oleksa Dovbush, the leader of the local folk avengers, who acted in the region in 1738-1745.
    Address: Yaremche town
  • Maiden's Tears Waterfall

    Однокаскадний водоспад має висоту падіння води біля 1,5 м. Місце розташування Дівочих сліз (у буковому лісі) робить водоспад не лише прекрасним для огляду, а й затишним місцем для відпочинку (тут можна посидіти, скупатися).
    Водоспад розміщений на річці Жонці, за майже 7 км від центру міста, звідки починається піший перехід.
    Address: Yaremche
  • The National Park «Karpatsky» was founded in 1980 to protect the nature complexes of ecological, historical and aesthetic value, that are typical for Chornohory and Gorgany mountains.
    Now, its main task is to conserve unique nature complexes and to provide the efficient use of nature resources.
    Address: Yaremche, V. Stus St., 6
  • Probiy Waterfall

    The waterfall is situated in Yaremche at the Prut river. In old times its height was 8 m, and even more. In 1840 the waterfall was partly exploded for floating. The depth of the foundation pit — 20 m, the current speed here is about 50-70 km per hour. There is a souvenir market nearby.
    Address: Yaremche town