Transport in Sheshory

How to get to Sheshory:

Go to Sheshory from Kolomyja, Kosiv or Ivano-Frankivsk by bus (it runs every 1-2 hours).

The best way is to go via Kolomyja (the nearest railway station). From Kyiv to Kolomyja one can go by train Kharkiv–Ivano-Frankivsk; from Lviv — Lviv–Chernivtsi, Odesa/Kremenchuk —Chernivtsi, Przemysl–Chernivtsi. In Kolomyja the bus station is situated far enough from the raiway station (5-10 min. by taxi), take this into account if you change for another line.
Schedules on the site of Ukrainian railway

Information about transfer to hotels and lodges is located in their descriptions.

You may call taxi from Kosiv or use the service of private drivers.
Distance from Sheshory to other cities:
City Distance
Ivano-Frankivsk 95 km
Lviv 220 km
Kyiv 637 km
Chernivtsi 90 km
Kosiv 12 km
Kolomyja 30 km