This village (former name Smodne) stands on the river Rybnytsia in a low-mountain climate zone. It is located in such close vicinity of the district center, the town Kosiv, that they almost grew together. Smodna has four quarters: Dolyna (the valley), Miseneva hora (mountain Miseneva), Panska dolyna (the noblemen’s valley), and Prysky. The village is surrounded by Hutsulshchyna National Park.

Smodna was founded in 1318. The name of the village derives from the name of the valley where it was founded and the adjective smovdna (the one that is covered with smovd or hog's fennel, Peucedanum L.).

The villagers are widely engaged in traditional handicrafts such as pottery, carving, embroidery, weaving, carpet making, and artistic leather crafting. The famous Kosiv craft market, where people from all over the region buy souvenirs, is situated here.

There is a wooden church of St. Joachim and Anna in the village, which was built in 1819 yet the bell tower was erected in 1773. A cross-shaped three-roofed temple has a peculiar feature — a porch connecting with the nave was added at the west end (traditionally, it was built on the south side). The altar faces northeast. The triforium walls are covered with corrugated iron. The church wakes (saint patron’s day) is on September 22.

The inspection of church premises showed that there could have been a defensive monastery on the church and graveyard site as evidenced by the trench remains and old maps showing the monastery on this spot.

There is an airfield between Smodna and neighboring village Cherhanivka which is capable of accepting small passenger planes.

The main village attraction is a health resort 'Kosiv' established in 1891 by Dr Tarnavskyi. It houses rare tree and shrub species, i.e. 729 specimen of 44 plant species gathered from all over the world. Apolinarii Tarnavskyi was one of the pioneer popularizers of vegetarianism and healthy lifestyle in Galicia. He was also the founder of Polish geriatrics (he wrote a book called 'Hygiene of old age and ageing') and the author of the original treatment and health improvement system.

Bicycle route:
To Sokilskyi mountain range
Town of Kosiv — village Horod — village Sokolivka — village Yavoriv — Sokilskyi range — village Velykyi Rozhen — river Cheremosh — village Tiudiv — village Stari Kuty — settlement Kuty — town of Kosiv
Duration: 7 hours.
Distance: under 50 km.
Elevation gain: 1197 m.
Marker: brown.
The route starts at the bus station in Kosiv, passes through Nebesnoi Sotni, Nezalezhnosti, and Franka Streets, then takes you through  villages Horod and Sokolivka to Yavoriv where  you need to turn left at the church  and chapel and turn off the asphalt pavement to an unpaved road. The orienting point is   a bridge over  a stream, which signals the upcoming slopes. After the slopes, there is an open terrain  where you need to turn left to reach a mountain leading to Sokilskyi range. The descent route lies through slopes, two of which are steep. Out of a forest, there is a road that will take you straight and  up. Then you will go down a winding mountain road to village Velykyi Rozhen, where  you need to turn left on an asphalt pavement which will take you along river Cheremosh  through Tiudiv, Kuty, Stari Kuty, Cherhanivka and Smodna, where right after the marking the road leads to  Kosiv. You will get back to the bus station via Shevchenka, Nezalezhnosti, and Nebesnoi Sotni Streets.
Route landmarks:
  • panoramas on the ascents to Sokilskyi, Bukovets-Ritskyi, and Cherlenyi ranges (at the open terrain out of Yavoriv);
  • beautiful views of Mounts Pysanyi Kamin, Skupova, Ihrovets range, and residual mountains from Sokilskyi range;
  • Cheremosh river with surrounding mountain scenes;
  • village churches en route.
Mountain rescue team warning
Mountain rescue team contact info
Important information:
Village council +38 (03478) 4-93-93, 4-95-84
Information center +38 (034) 99-109-11
service provided by the post office:
Kosiv, Nezalezhnosti St. 75
+38 (03478) 2-47-96,
+38 (067) 400-28-11
Mountain Search and Rescue ServiceKosiv, Nad Hukom Street, 15 а+38 (03478) 2-16-77,
+38 (067) 342-04-97
+38 (03433) 9-32-76,
+38 (067) 348-79-15