HALYTSKY National Park

Halytsky National Park was established on August 9, 2004. It is located within Halych district of  Ivano-Frankivsk region, at the junction of Oppilya, Galician valley and Subcarpathia, along the Dniester River and lower reaches of its tributaries. On its area of 14684.8 hectares, there are forest tracts, wetlands, meadow-steppe areas and geological formations, that contribute to the preservation of the unique gene pool of plants and wildlife.

The climate of the Park is moderate, winter is mild with thaws, summer is warm. Annual precipitation varies from 600 to 800 mm.

Forests of the region occupy approximately 11,000 hectares. There are mainly oak-hornbeam and oak forests (pedunculate oak, northern red oak), there are also beech groves. Flora is also represented by: Norway maple, sycamore (maple), small-leaved Lime, common hornbeam, European silver fir, European spruce, common hazel, some species of hawthorn, euonymus, wild rose. Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera Huds) is a unique plant, found in the  park, which is regarded to be one of the rarest orchids of Ukraine. It is spread on the southern coast of Crimea.

Fauna is represented by the Carpathian and Podolsk species. For instance: red deer, red fox, roe deer, wild boar, European hare, European polecat, weasel, red squirrel, badger, marten, European hedgehog, European hamster, muskrat, European water vole, European otter etc. One can even meet brown bear, wildcat, European mink on the territory of the Park. Also, there are 9 types of bats here, in the local cave there is a colony of  lesser horseshoe bats.

A special role in the work of Halytsky NNP is given to the study of ornithofauna due to wetlands (Burshtyn water reservoir, Dniester River, fish breeding pools), there are 85 bird species here, 57 of which breed on the territory of the park (nest of rare bird species- Eurasian spoonbill). The life of rare representatives of Ukrainian fauna is connected with water basins, for instance, sterlet, vyrezub, grayling, ferruginous duck, goldeneye, red-breasted merganser, bald buzzard, Eurasian curlew, European otter etc.

Generally, 45 plant species(common snowdrop, spring snowflake, fragrant orchid, bear leek, snake's head fritillary, lesser butterfly-orchid, Turk's cap lily, perennial lunaria, Venus slipper, white Helleborine) and 37 animal species (lesser horseshoe bat, badger, stoat, black stork, lesser spotted eagle, eagle owl, ural owl, fire salamander, Carpathian newt) existing here, are included into the Red Book of Ukraine.

Ecological and educational trails ("Na Kasovu Horu", "Po Dibrovi") and also tourist routes ("Voronytsya - Simlyn", "Do Halychynskych pecher" (To Halych caves), "Do Podilskih pecher" (To Podolsk caves), "Kniazha krynytsya; Muzey pryrody (Nature Museum)"; ornithological "Along Burshtyn water pool", "Na stavy" (To the ponds)) lead to the most interesting parts of the park. Moreover you can visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, an arboretum, exotarrium with exotic birds, and музей Nature of Halych Land Museum here.

Office of the National Park:
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Halych district
Halych-Hora St., 1

Phone.: +38 (03431) 2-11-87
+38 (03431) 2-21-13

Open: 9:00-17:00, closed on Sat. and Sun.

E-mail: galychnnp@mail.ru
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