The Museum 'Nature of Halych Land'


The idea of this museum appeared in 1998 during the celebration of the 1100th anniversaty of the first written mention of Halych. In 2004 the exposition 'Nature of Halych Land' was opened in the museum 'History of Ancient Halych'; in 2006 it was placed in the main building of . The museum aims to recreate in miniature the real National Park with its unique and typical natural systems protected whithin its area. And the most important goal is to develop visitors' positive environmental thinking and harmonious relationships with the natural environment.

The forming of exposition finished at the end of May, 2009. Nowadays the collection is placed in three rooms (80 m2 in total). In addition to the exposition, the archives are being formed: there are 612 vascular plant specimens, 276 geobotanical descriptions and 413 animal specimens. The remarkably interesting section of the museum centre is a mini zoo, which became a recreation centre for wild animals, where they're taken care of and appropriately treated.

In the first room visitors can see how incredible the Mother Nature is: the miniature copy of 'Halytsky' park is represented with dioramas, various exhibits and information stands. The room is dedicated to steppes, the rare for Ivano-Frankivsk region ecosystems, located mostly in the east of Frankivsk area. The one that draws visitors' attention is the diorama of Kamin natural landmark (located nearby Mezhyhirtsi village): there are skilfully designed stuffed birds and animals of the reagion, photographs and herbarium of steppe plants. There are also sections with paleontological and mineralogical collections.

The next room displays the entomological collection, where in four big show-windows displayed the insect specimens typical for the National Park. The first one presents various colorful butterflies and wide range of local beetles. The gem of the collection is the Saga pedo specimen caught in 2008 in Kasova Hora natural landmark (nearby Burshtyn), which happened for the first time after the species was seen there by Polish scientists in the early 20th century.

The last room displays local wetland ecosystems. Visitors can learn there about the rich fauna and flora of Ukraine's second largest river Dniester, Burshtyn reservoir, fish farms and numerous oxbow lakes in the area. There's also a diorama of the Dniester, a large collection of stuffed water and marsh birds, models of their nests and egg laying.

The worth-seeing is a 3-diorama reconstruction of the forest ecosystem with a huge old oak tree, which has many hollows and serves as a multi-storey dwelling for forest animals (squirrels, dormice, martens, bats), birds (pici, owls, woodpeckers) and insects (wild bees, beetles). In the centre of Bliudnykivsky landmark diorama, visitors can see the young of the biggest carnivore in Ukraine — brown bear, wandered there from its home in the Carpathians and killed by poachers. Nearby, there's a wild cat, quite rare for the region.

Surprisingly, some of the specimens in the exposition were collected in time of a famous patron, the count Volodymyr Didushchytsky, which means that they are dated back to 150 years ago. The count established the first nature reserve in Ukraine, in 1886 claiming 22 hectares of beech forest in the area around his mansion (nearby Peniaky village, Lviv region) to be a protected territory.

The museum of nature became the centre of environmental education for the youth of the region.

Working hours:
Saturday, Sunday — 9:00-16:00
Entrance fees:
Adults — 25 UAH.
Children — 10 UAH.
Adults — 200 UAH;
Children — 100 UAH.
Contact info:
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Halych town
Halych-Hora St., 1

Tel.: +38 (03431) 2-21-13
+38 (096) 366-12-16

How to get there:
The Museum 'Nature of Halych Land' is located in a convenient place, along with a tourist route 'Krylos' (former capital of Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia) — 'Starostynsky Castle' — 'Halych Centre'.
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