Ski lifts and slopes in Vyshka


Krasiya Novy Sezon (the New Season)

Ski lifts on Krasiya mountain

Ski lifts and slopes in Vyshka village
Conventional signs

KRASIYA Ski Resort

The most diverse part of the mountain (in terms of ski lifts and trails types) has 3 chairlifts and 1 drag lift. There's a double chairlift that gets you to the middle of the slope, a chairlift for 4 persons — from the middle to the peak. A drag lift is located in the upper area of the mountain.
The lower station of a single chairlift, which has got an intermediate station as well, is located farther along the road, the upper one — nearby the upper stations of the chairlift for 4 persons and the drag lift. The capacity of the single chairlift — 120 persons per hour; it works also during the summertime.

The local ski slope is one of the longest ones in Ukraine — 3,5 km. There are 4 main trails, each one has several variations of tracks to go down. Trail difficulty — from easy to more advanced (blue, red); the slope width — 100-350 m. The piste is relatively not steep, with rather flat surface. It's also good for beginner skiers ang snowboarders.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference Working hours
single chairlift 2200 m 485 m 9:00-17:00
double chairlift 1500 m 195 m
4-person chairlift 1800 m 350 m
drag lift 600 m 95 m
1 lift up 140-200 UAH
half-day ticket 550-650 UAH
day ticket 750-950 UAH
* May vary depending on the season.
Deposit for the card — 20 UAH.

In winter, there are stalls at the mountain top where you can get a snack or a hot drink; there's also a small shop. The most facilities are located from the middle to the lower part of the hill, alongside the trails: here are some restaurants, stalls, B&Bs, etc. At the lowest part of the complex (lower station of the double chairlift) you can find shops, cafés, ski rentals (from 70 UAH per skiing, from 100 UAH per snowboarding equipment) and a parking. There's electronic pass system at the double- and the 4-person chairlift lines. The showcat functions on the slopes.

On the territory of the complex there is a parking, a first aid station, restaurants, cafes, public toilets, rental facilities.

To get to the lower stations of the chairlifts, use the landmarks: for the double one — a large wooden stairs (on the right), for the single one — a shop next to the road and Perlyna Krasiyi Hotel.

In the summer:
Chairlifts are available.
Rates: adults — 100 UAH, children — 70 UAH.
Working hours: 09:00-17:00 (pre-arrangement).
48.94976  22.66025  
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The drag lift is located on a gentle hill behind Novy Sezon (the New Season) hotel. The trail there is 1 km long and designed for amateurs in skiing.

There's a mini snowpark on the hill, where you can learn and practise snow tricks.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference Working hours
drag lift 650 m 96 m 9:00-17:00

Snowcat works there; ski rental is available in the hotel. There's also a parking, a restaurant and a rescue service. Snowmobiles are available for hire.

48.9403  22.69455  
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Nearby Novy Sezon there's Urochishche boarding house where it used to be a drag lift (300 m long), dismantled some time ago.