Worth seeing in Kamianytsia

  • The Nevytsky Castle is located on the mountain as high as 125 m in a narrow valley of the river Uzh. It was first mentioned in chronicles in early XIV c., although the researchers believe that the fortress dates back to the XII c. Later the castle belonged to the Counts Drugets who rebuilt it in stone.
    In 1644 the castle was partially destroyed by the troops of Derd Rakoczy II. And since that time it was not rebuilt.
    In 1879 the park was laid out near the castle. It was called «Garden of Wagner», named after the famous gardener Charles Wagner.
    The monument was partly restored during the XX c.
    Since 2006 the wedding ceremonies festival «Nevytsky Castle — the Castle of brides» is being held here.

    Address: Kamyanytsya
  • Tepla Yama (Warm Pit) Tract

    The tract is a botanical monument of nature. It is located in the north of Kamyanytsya village and, it occupies the south-eastern slopes of the massif Vygorlat. The tract occupies the area of 93 ha.
    Here the oak and oak-beech forests are protected.
    On the southern slopes one can see some warmth-loving plants; and lily of the valley and arnica are among them.

    Address: Kamyanytsya village