Ski lifts in Podobovets


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Ski trails in Podobovets
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There are 3 drag lifts in the ski resort. Two of them are more then 1200 m long, the third one is three times shorter.

There are trails for all types of skiers — from beginners to professionals. You can use the smaller lift to train your skiing of snowboarding skills or to improve your beginner skills. There is a convenient, gradual downhill for those purposes.

The ski trails around the bigger lifts differ in their complexity. The upper parts (more than 0,5 km) are steeper, then there is an intermediate part of the rote, and finally till the lower station, there is the easiest part. It's like that on the central part of the route between two bigger lifts.

The upper station of the lift І is the highest, and from there there is the most of all options to go down. You can go down an intermediate slope (2 km long) which goes through the forest, it's the longest in this part of the hill and located on the left from the lifts. The opposite slope (also intermadiate level) starts a little bit higher from the upper station of the lift ІІ, makes a loop between the trees and goes to the central part of the hill. You can go down the similar way from the upper station of the lift ІІ (you can get there from the upper station І): either go downhill on the left from the lift (there is an advanced slope) or go down an inermadiate slope on the right between the trees. In the middle part of the hill all the slopes merge and go down along the flattest part of the hill.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude difference Working hours Rates*
drag lift (І) 1230 m 360 m 9:00-16:00 60-80 UAH per 1 lift
260-280 UAH per 5 lifts
430-480 UAH per day
drag lift (IІ) 1250 m
drag lift (the smaller) 400 m 80 m
* Discounts for children (up to 10 years) are available.

Nearby there is a parking, a ski rental (ski — from 120 UAH; snowboards — 120 UAH); ski lessons are available. Near the lower stations there are restaurants to have a meal or a hot drink. The rescue service and first medical assistance are also available. Electronic system of admission; the snowcat functions here. Night illumination is available at the smaller lift.

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There is one more small lift on the same hill. It's located near the upper station of the smaller drag lift and belongs to the owners of Dersu Uzala cottage. The slope is designed for snowtubing.

Type of the ski lift Length Working hours Rates*
rope tow 150 m 10:00-17:00 100 UAH per hour
*Sledge for hire is included.

Nearby the cottage there is a parking; on the ground floor there is a restaurant.

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Nearby the ski resort there are lots of hotels, private lodges and restaurants where you can stay overnight and have a rest.

You can get to the ski resort by bus or taxi from Volovets. If you go by car, go along the road Kyiv—Chop and turn in Mizhgirya direction — there are the ski resort signs along this part of the way.