Ski lifts in Osij


ZACHAROVANA DOLYNA Health Resort (the Enchanted Valley)

The ski lift is located in Osiy village, nearby Zacharovana Dolyna hotel. It's a drag lift with capacity 720 persons per hour, placed on a rather easy hill.

The flattest and easiest part is close to the upper lift station, from where you follow down two different trails at both sides of the lift round some forested sections.

The shorter slope is 600 m long (on the right) and is flatter and more gentle, which is good for those who start practising different skiing or snowboarding maneuvers, as well as developing general skills. The longer slope (almost 700 m) is steeper and more advanced, it would suit those who already have some experience in winter sports.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference Working hours
drag lift 450 m 50-60 m should be arranged*
* 10 persons and more

Services and facilities available in the hotel: a ski rental (skiing and snowboarding equipment), a café, accommodation, first-aid service, ski lessons. At the lower station, there's a parking and a covered rest area (tables with benches); snowcat functions on the hill.

Ski lifts and trails
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