Regional Historical Museum


The museum exposition contains eight sections which explain the local modern history in details.

The museum funds number about 10 000 exhibits. The archaeological findings near Korolevo village are of great importance. Korolevo settlement is considered to be the oldest one in Central and Easten Europe.

The bronze collection which is dated by the ІІ-d millenary BC is also of great interest.

Large attention in the museum exposition is paid to the rebellion under leadership of Dierd Dozh (beginning of ХVІ с.) and to liberation movement in 1703-1711 against Austrian enslavement. One of the halls represents the topic 'Local Mode of Life in the  period of ХVІІІ с. — I half of ХХ с.'. Here there are household utensils — reels, irons, mortars, plates and dishes, lamps, earthenware. The samples of folk weaving and embroidery are also very interesting.

The museum constantly organizes exhibitions of local artists and folk masters and thematic exhibitions. Among them there is an exhibition of handmade dolls of Nina Korniyenko 'Folk Toy. Doll'.

Working hours:
9:00–18:00; lunch time 13:00-14:00;
closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 1 UAH.
Children — 0,50 UAH.
Excursion rates:
Adults — 5 UAH.
Children — 3 UAH.
Transcarpathian region
Vynohradiv city
T. Shevchenko St. 4

Теl.: +38 (03143) 2-11-72
How to get:
By public transport
Go by bus from Mukacheve or from Uzhgorod.
Go by train Lviv — Solotvyno (stop in Vynohradiv) or by diesel train from Uzhgorod or Batyovo to Vynohradiv. The museum is located in the historic city center, in the administrative building of school #1, on the second floor.
Detailed information about public transport.

By car
Go along the road Kyiv — Lviv — Chop (E-50) to Mukacheve town, then go along the road H-09. On the crossroads in Velyka Kopanya village turn to the right towards Vynohradiv town. The museum is located in the historic city center, in the administrative building of school #1, on the second floor.
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