Worth seeing in Vynohradiv

  • Church of Ascension

    Tne church of Ascension with a high belltower and counterforts is one of the oldest churches in Vynohradiv (XIII-XV с.). Having been the main city church in old times, it also was the center of the city public life. Portals and stone carving of XV c. have been preserved from Gothic and Romanesque style. There are fragments of the ancient wall paintings in the interior of the church. Now it serves as a Roman Catholic church.
    Address: Vynohradiv, Myr St., 12
  • Church of Dormition of St. Virgin

    The church was firstly mentioned in XIV c. But it was a wooden temple at that period. The present church is a stone basilica with baroque features. It's most likely that the construction was finished in 1796. Later, in a few years, the iconostasis was placed inside the church. Volodymyr Lisovsky, the local artist, is the author of the wall paintings. Series of icons were painted by artist Y. Virah in 1923. Four stained-glass windows were ordered to Shandor Ligetti, the master from Budapest. Today it is an Orthodox Church.
    Address: Vynohradiv, Myr Sq.
  • The Castle ((XIII-XVI с.) is situated in the Eastern suburb of Vynohradiv town. It was firstly mentioned in 903 in an anonymous Hungarian chronicle. The castle of the local feudal lord was built just here in XI c. In early XIV c. the castle was significantly damaged. The King of Hungary ordered to repair it, and presented the castle to Queen Mary. Since 1399 the Castle belongs to count Pereni. Later he handed it over to the Franciscans. The castle was converted into the stone fortress. During the Reformation, in 1557, the castle was destroyed. Now only the remains of the castle had been preserved. They are considered to be a national architectural monument.
    Address: Vynohradiv
  • Monastery of Franciscans

    The monastery complex consists of the church (1516), bell tower and the two-storey building of cells. The church was under reconstruction for several times. There are wall paintings of XIX c. in the interior. Now it serves as a Roman Catholic church.
    Address: Vynohradiv, Myr St. 3
  • Perényi Mansion House

    The mansion includes the palace, gates, service side wings and the old park. It is one of the oldest samples of palace architecture in Transcarpathian region. It was built by the Perényi noble family as a fortress, later rebuilt in Baroque style into a mansion. Now it serves as an administrative building.
    Address: Vynohradiv, Kopanska St. 10