The new castle (the first one is in Staryy Zbarazh village) was built during 1620-1631 under promotion of Yuriy and Christopher — the last princes of Zbarazh. Vinchezzo Scamozzi, an Italian architect, was the author of the project. Later, Vyshnevetski princes fortified the castle. In the middle of XVIII c. with owners from Potocki family the castle fell into decay.

A two-storey palace and casemates with Renaissance forms were located in the yard. They were surrounded by four corner bastions. The castle fortifications occupied the area of 16 hectares.

During the Liberation war of the XVII c. — the most memorable period for the city — the fortress stood several Cossacks sieges. The memorial plague in honour of Nestor Morozenko, one of the Cossacks leaders who died here, reminds about that time. The fortress suffered greatly during the Turkish attack of 1675. Since XVIII c. it began to lose its fortification function. In the middle of the XIX c. even the sugar refinery was located here.

Today the castle is restored and belongs to the National Preserve 'Castles of Ternopillya'. There are more than 20 exhibition halls here. The museum of regional ethnography, the bread museum and the museum of tortures are of great interest.

In old times the forest was located near the castle, since 1808 it got the title 'park Lypky'.

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