Worth seeing in Zbarazh

  • Church of the Resurrection

    The cross-shaped church was built in 1760-1764 in Ukrainian barogue style. The temple suffered greatly during the fire of 1887, but in 1897 it was renovated. It served as a warehouse during the Soviet period. The bell tower was destroyed in 1977.
    In 1990 (1989)  the church was restored and it was given to the Greek-Catholic community.

    Address: Zbarazh, M. Hrushevsky St. 5
  • Church of the Theotokos Assumption

    The church was built in 1755-1758. It is a monument of baroque architecture. In 1963 the church was closed. During 1979-1989 the museum of regional ethnography was located here. Since 1990 it was given to the Orthodox community of the city.

    Address: Zbarazh, A. Chekhov St. 1
  • Church of the Transfiguration

    The church is located not far from Zbarazh in Zaluzhzhya village. The temple was constructed on the place of the former monastery of St. Basil the Great (1480) in 1600 as a defensive structure. Here Spasky monastery was working together with a Slavonic-Ruthenian school during the next hundred years.
    There is a statue of St. Onuphrius, the Patron of the Basilian order, near the church.
    A legend says that near the church there was a tent of Bohdan Khmelnytsky during the attack of the castle in Zbarazh.
    Address: Zaluzhzhya village, Monastic Mount
  • Monastery complex of St. Anthony

    The monastery complex was built during the period of 1627-1637. But it was destroyed in 1675 during the Turkish attack. Modern buildings (the church and monastery cells) appeared in 1746-1755. At that time Potocki family was the owner of the city.
    The church with the figures of Bernardine monks and wooden domes combines both renaissance and baroque features. In the interior the fragments of wall paintings of late XVIII - early XIX c. have been preserved. The church was closed during 1946-1990.
    The bell tower (XVII с. / 1746-1755) is worth seeing, too. In old times it served as a gateway to the monastery and it seemed to be the part of the monastery fortifications.
    The building of the monastery cells used to serve as a school, a Latin high school and a hospital. In the Soviet period the building housed the military plant.

    Address: Zbarazh, Nezalezhnist St. 8-10
  • Stary Zbarazh Castle

    The medieval fortress was built on the Castle (Prince's) Mountain on the place of two wooden predecessors: in 1474 the Tatars burned the fortress together with its defenders, in 1589 the other one was burned, too. Now there is a memorial stone (1991) here.

    Address: Stary Zbarazh village, Castle Mountain
  • The castle was built during 1620-1631 under promotion of the last princes of Zbarazh. Later, Vyshnevetski princes fortified the castle. In the middle of XVIII c. with owners from Potocki family the castle fell into decay. In the middle of the XIX c. even the sugar refinery was located here.
    Today the castle is restored. There are more than 20 exhibition halls here. The museum of regional ethnography, the bread museum and the museum of tortures are of great interest.
    In old times the forest was located near the castle, since 1808 it got the title 'Park Lypky'.

    Address: Zbarazh, B. Khmelnytsky St. 28