The first castle dates back to the Old Rus period of IX-X c. It is supposed that at that time Prince Vasylko, the founder of the city and the castle, was buried at the stone church.
The stone fortress was built in 1360 (1366). But in 1534, because of the Tatars attacks, it was reconstructed and enforced.

Period of 1605-1625, when the Tatars attacked it for 15 times, was the hardest for the fortress.
A new castle was built in 1632, namely its ruins (towers, walls) survived until today.
The castle lost its defensive role in 1688, but till today it has its own basements and caves with legends and treasures...
The park nearby appeared in the XIX c.
There is a popular history connected with the castle: during the Polish-Turkish war in 1675 it was Sophia, the wife of the local commandant (actually, Anna Dorothy von Frezen), who saved the fortress from the Turkish siege. Residents of Terebovlia did not forget her heroism, and in the XVIII c. they erected a monument to Sophia near the castle walls. The monument was fully renovated in 2012.
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