and Church of the Holy Trinity


The Renaissance Castle was built on the island, washed by river sleeves of Gold Lypa. Synyavski family were the founders of it.

It is interesting that the building has a pentagonal shape. It was built during the period of 1534-1554, rebuilt in 1570 and in early XVII c. Then its outer part was strengthened by four bastions (three of which stand here today). The Castle interiors were decorated with paintings, fabrics, gold and silver. It housed the art gallery and the library. No wonder that the palace was called the Eastern or Ukrainian Wawel.
The castle was visited by August II, a Polish King, Ferenc Rakoczy, the Prince of Transylvania, Ivan Mazepa, a Ukrainian Hetman, Peter I, the Russian Tsar.
The Castle had proved repeatedly the status of the defense structure: it withstood a siege of the Tartars (1620), twice — that of the Cossacks (1667), Turks and Tatars (1675).
After the death of the last member of Syniavski family the castle had been moved from hand to hand. Since the XIX c. the castle has fallen into decay. It served as military barracks, warehouses, a brewery.
In 1925 the Castle was given to the Polish State.

The church of the Holy Trinity (1554) is a very interesting sight here. It is famous for its elegant inner decorations made by the famous artists of the time: G. Horst and J. Pfister. Together with the Castle the church fell into decay. It served as a hop storage. Today the church is under restoration.
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