Worth seeing in Sokal

  • Bernardine Monastery Complex

    The Bernardine Monastery Complex (XVII с.) can be observed only from a distance because of the fact that a prison is situated here. The architectural complex includes: the church of Virgin Mary (1604-1619), the building of cells (1604-1619), defensive walls with a gate (1604-1619).
    Address: Sokal, Naberezhna St.
  • Church of St. Nicholas

    The church of St. Nicholas is considered to be the oldest one in the town. It was built in the I half of the XVI c. It is situated in the town park on the bank of Zakhidny Buh river (the Western Buh).
    In old times more ancient church of Virgin Mary was located near st. Nicholas church. Both churches were surrounded by the common defensive wall and made the monastery complex. But in 1821 the church of Virgin Mary was burnt out.
    The church of St. Nicholas was under the restoration several times. In 1752-1756 the interior was painted by S. Stroinsky, the famous artist. During the restoration of 1971-1975 the church got its original look.
    Since 1989 it has been a Greek-Catholic church.
    The church is a typical defensive structure with thick walls (2,4 m), small windows and huge counterforts. It is a unique monument of Ukrainian architecture of the Renaissance epoch in Galicia.
    Address: Sokal (town park)
  • Church of St. Archangel Michael

    The church of St. Archangel Michael is a stone structure built during 1778-1835 on the place of the wooden one.
    In 1904 it was restored inside, new wall paintings appeared. In four years the exterior was restored, too.
    Since 1962 the church served as a driving school. Now it is a Roman-Catholic church.
    Address: Sokal, Berezovsky St.
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul

    The church of St. Peter and Paul was built during 1904-1909 in the style of French classicism. The author of the project is Vasyl Nahirnyy, a well-known Lviv architect.
    Metal constructions for cupolas were made by Yan Bohutsky, and Krakow firm 'Caden' made the stone floor.
    Sculptures of St. Peter and Paul were made by sculptor Hryhoriy Kuznevych in 1904-1909.
    In 1933 the interior wall paintings were finished by Michael Osynchuk and Paul Kovzhun. The author of the iconostasis was Volodymyr Ivaniukh, an artist from Przemysl.
    It was an Orthodox church during the Soviet period. Now it is a Greek-Catholic church.
    Address: Sokal, A. Sheptytsky St.
  • Synagogue

    The Synagogue in Sokal is one of the oldest ones in Galicia. It was built in 1762. Unfortunately, one can observe only its ruins today.
    During II World War all the Jewish people of Sokal died and their houses were ruined. Now the town park is located there.
    The Synagogue has a square form, its roof is missing.
    Some wall paintings and stucco work have been preserved, but trees and bushes prevent from seeing them.
    Address: Sokal (park)
  • Town Hall

    The modern Town Hall was built in Sokal in early XX c. It is located in the town center at the former market square.
    The Town Hall is a one-storey building that looks like an elongated rectangle. Its central facade is decorated with original pediment supported by a porch with four columns and gable fronted dormers.
    The Town Hall has an original tower: not very high, with a clock and an elegant little tower at the top.
    Today the local authorities are situated here.
    Address: Sokal town