Worth seeing in Belz

  • Arianska Tower

    The so-called Arianska Tower is situated in the southeastern suburb of Belz.
    It is the oldest monument in Belz that had been preserved. It was built in 1606. Till nowadays there is a discussion about its function. Some historians call it a chapel, other suppose it to be the town armoury.
    During the II World War the Tower was damaged — the coat-of-arms over the entrance, the date 1606 and inscriptions were wiped out.
    Later the tower was restored. Having been located on the former Parish square, it used to serve as a storage of local documents.
    Address: Belz, L. Ukrainka Sq.
  • Church of St. Paraskeva

    The church of St. Paraskeva is supposed to be firstly built in Prusyniv village, and in XVIII c. removed to its present place. The church had undergone several restorations.
    Since 1774 it served as a funeral chapel. At that time the town cemetery was founded — just around the church. And now the church of St. Paraskeva is situated on the town cemetery.
    In 1979 it was restored and got its original look. The authors of the restoration project are Bohdan Kindzelsky, Halyna Kruk and Ivan Mohytych. The monument is an example of the typical Galician wooden churches.
    After restoration the church served as a museum, in 1991 it was given to the local Greek-Catholic community.
    Address: Belz, Sichovi Striltsi St. 48
  • Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

    The church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary (1926) was built on the place where the former castle church has been located, and where the wonder-making icon of the Most Holy Virgin was taken from to Częstochowa (Poland) in 1382.
    The author of the project was Kalikst Kryzhanovsky, Lviv architect. The church was built in modern style with gothic features.
    In 1991 the church was given to the local Orthodox community. It was restored and got the name of St. Nicholas.
    In 1935 a new chapel of St. Valentine was built nearby. It is the place where a new laser copy of the famous icon is kept now.
    The bell tower was built in 1933 in modern style with the elements of romanticism. It is a two-tier structure with a crown on the top that resembles a chess rook very much. One of the historic coat-of-arms of the town is the image of a gryphon located on its facade. The bell tower is in a good condition now.
    Address: Belz, Zamchyshche suburb
  • Dominican Monastery Complex

    The Dominicans were invited to Belz by prince Zemovit IV in 1401. It was the time when a wooden church of St. Nicholas was built. In the middle of XVI c. a new magnificant stone church was constructed. The stone buildings for cells, the bell tower and defensive walls were constructed in XVII c.
    The Austrians closed the monastery in the late XVIII c., the church began to serve as a parish one. Different government agencies were located in the monastery buildings, particularly, a school and a prison.
    There were several reconstructions of the church, and it lost its original look, except of the main Renaissance altar that reminded about its age and former beauty.
    The church was destroyed during the II World war. Only separate fragments of the complex had been preserved — the bell tower and the northern wing of the monastery buildings with the four-tier tower, the highest in the town. Now the building and the tower serve as a Town Hall. The clock was put on the tower in 1920s, since that time the government agencies, particularly the local museum, are placed here.
    Address: Belz town
  • Dominican Nunnery Complex

    The architectural complex (XVII-XVIII с.) includes the former Roman-Catholic church of St. Nicholas (1657) and the building of Dominican nunnery (1743).
    The church has the baroque facade with four sculptures of St. Ursula, Catherina Sienska, Rozalia and of unknown woman. On both sides three-tiered towers decorate the fronton of the church. The bell tower built in 1906 is nearby.
    Unfortunately, the nunnery is in poor condition and is gradually destroying.
    In 1991 the church was given to the local Greek-Catholic community. Now it is the church of St. Nicholas.
    Address: Belz, Savenko St. 3
  • Prayer House 'Ishre Lev'

    The house is situated not far from Rynok and attracts attention by its wooden bay window with a bulbous dome in oriental style.
    It was built in 1909 on the costs of Fayvel Taube, an authoritative burgess, known as a founder of 'Ishre Lev' Community, that supported the poor and the sick.
    The prayer house got its present look after the I World war.
    Address: Belz