Worth seeing in Ivano-Frankove

  • Roztochia Nature Reserve was founded in 1984, October 5 to protect and to study the unique region located on the hills of the Main European Watershed. The reserve is a valuable nature and scientific object for research that is known by its biological and landscape variety. Its territory combines three interesting geographical zones - Polissya with pine forests, swamps and meadows, Podillya with steppe and woodland flora and the Carpathians with beech and fir tree woods.
    Fauna here is also interesting and various.
    A number of ecological pathways are available here. There is a Nature Museum, too.
    Address: Ivano-Frankovo, Sichovi Striltsi St., 7
  • Yavorivskyy National Park was found in 1998, July 4. Its aim is to protect, reproduce and use rationally the unique landscapes within the Main European Watershed. They are of great importance in environment-oriented, recreational and aesthetic fields.
    Flora in the Park numbers 707 species of plants. A number of walking and bus tours are available here. Besides, the visitors can enjoy following several ecological and informative footpaths. There are also a number of equipped recreation zones in the Park.
    Address: Ivano-Frankovo, Zelena St. 23