Museums and nature reserves in Ivano-Frankove

  • The exhibition consists of 3 parts: the stands and 2 rooms where the local history is represented.
    The information on the stands represents the most significant events of the 20th century for the town of Yaniv (Ivano-Frankove).
    The first museum room contains collection of an ancient items found on the territory and nearby the settlement. The oldest ones are dated back to the 8th-6th centuries B.C. Here you can see such things as arrowheads of the Bronze Age, spearheads, crosses, battle-axes, scythes, rifles with cartridges, grenades, cannonballs, one pistole, cart wheels, bells and authentic II World War clothing (overcoats, uniform, etc.)
    The second room has archives of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), German typewriter, military decorations (Austrian, German, Soviet), coins, wedding rings, axes, ironing facilities and different kinds of weapons, such as cartridges, grenades, shells.

    Address: Ivano- Frankove, Zelena St. 23
    Open: on request
  • Museum of nature is the only one of that type in Roztochia area. Flora and fauna of the region is presented here. Collections of birds, butterflies and beetles are of great interest and value.

    Address: Ivano-Frankove, Sichovi Striltsi St. 7
    Open: 09:00-19:00
  • Museum was founded on the base of technical art school. One can see a great amount of decorative plates with Yavoriv ornament, wooden chests and boxes with carving. Museum exposition includes furniture of 50th years of XX c. It also has a splendid Yavoriv carving.

    Address: Ivano-Frankove, Rynok Sq. 13
    Open: 09:00-17:00