Worth seeing in Tatariv

  • Church of St. Dmytriy

    The church of St. Demetrios together with the bell tower is considered to be an outstanding monument of wooden architecture. It was built in 1870 (architect F. Menchinskyi). The church is a typical and original example of the folk Hutsul school.
    The tempera paintings of the XIX c. have been preserved in the interior. There also is an ancient iconostasis made by local craftsmen and painted by Anthony Orzechowski.
    The temple is located near the road. The village cemetery is nearby.

    Address: Tatariv
  • Zhenetsky Waterfall

    The Zhenetsky waterfall, or Zhenetsky Huk, is located on the river Zhenets. It appeared as a result of the river flood in the postwar years.
    It is as high as 15 m and makes a huge noise or rumble, so another name Huk (Rumble) appeared.
    The road entrance to the waterfall begins between the villages of Mykulychyn and Tatariv. It is located at a distance of 5 km from the highway H-09.
    The Waterfall is the part of popular tourist routes.

    Address: Tatariv