Ski lifts and slopes in Polyanytsya


BUKOVEL Ski Resort

The resort is located in the suburbs of Polyanytsya (Bukovel), 2 km from the village centre, in the valley of Prutets river among the mountains. 16 ski lifts, 63 ski trails and other interesting things of winter season function here.

Three chair lifts are located on Bukovel mountain (1127 m): #1R and #2R are for 4 persons (their capacity is 2400 persons per hour), #2 — for 2 persons (808 persons per hour). Lower stations of the lifts #2 and #2R are located almost nearby; on the top stations #1R and #2R are the nearest, the upper station of chair lift #2 is a little below.
Ski trails on this mountain are for beginners (blue-coloured) and for experienced skiers (red-coloured). The eastern and the central parts of the mountain are for the amateurs, the western slope is more difficult. If you go up by the lift #1R, you can also ski down the trail for mogul (special trail with humps).

Chorna Kleva mountain (1276 m) has two parts. In the upper part of the mountain there are chair lifts #5 and #17 (for 4 persons each) and a drag lift #6. You can go up by the chair lift #5, its upper station is nearby the upper station of chair lift #17. A small drag lift runs in parallel to the chair lift #5, almost to its half.
The ski trails on the mountain are of different levels of complexity — from blue-coloured (for beginners) to black-coloured (for professional skiers). In the upper part of Kleva mountain blue trails are located near the chair lift #17 (north-western part of the mountain); if you go further down the blue trail, you can reach the lower stations of the chair lifts #5 of Chorna Kleva mountain or #2 or #2R of the neighbouring Bukovel mountain. Red trails (for experienced skiers) are laid in the centre, between the chair lifts. Black trails for professional skiers are laid in the upper part of Chorna Kleva mountain; two professional trails are also near the drag lift, one of them is slalom (high-speed).
There is a chair lift #8 for 4 persons with the capacity of 2400 persons per hour in the lower part of Chorna Kleva mountain. Blue and red trails are laid here for the amateurs of winter sports. It is worth mentioning that right near this lift there is a so-called Snowpark with different constructuins for ski or snowboard jumps. You can reach the trails also from the top of Chorna Kleva mountain.

The highest mountain of Bukovel is Dovha mountain (1372 m). Three chair lifts, each for 4 persons, function here. Ski lift #12 leads to the top of the mountain; close to its lower station there is a lower station of the ski lift #17 of the neighbouring Chorna Kleva mountain. You can get here from the top of Kleva mountain (go up by chair lift #5) or from the foot of Dovha mountain by the chair lift #11. Trails for experienced skiers (red-coloured) of this part of the mountain are for the amateurs of winter sports.
In the lower part of Dovha mountain there are chair lifts #11 and #16. The slope is quite steep and is for the amateurs and professionals — here are red and black trails (intermediate and high levels of complexity). There is only one bypass blue trail leading from the upper to the lower station of chair lift #11.

Ski lift
Type of the ski lift Length, m Altitude
difference, m
1R chair lift for 4 persons 740 268
2 chair lift for 2 persons 1000 215
2R chair lift for 4 persons 1067 227
5 chair lift for 4 persons 1548 336
6 drag lift 723 214
8 chair lift for 4 persons 859 175
11 chair lift for 4 persons 1163 285
12 chair lift for 4 persons 1024 182
16 chair lift for 4 persons 847 260
17 chair lift for 4 persons 957 112

The schemes of the ski slopes and ski lifts
Conventional signs

From the other side of Bukovel, on the other side of the valley, there is Babyn Pohar mountain (1180 m). In particular, here the longest (#14) and the shortest (#22) chair lifts of the ski resort are located, each for 4 persons with the capacity of 2400 persons per hour. Chair lift #14 starts in the central part of the resort. Close to its upper station there are also upper stations of the ski lifts #15 and #22. Close to the lower station of chair lift #15 there are lower stations of chair lifts #8 (Chorna Kleva mountain) and #11 (Dovha mountain). Chair lift #22 runs among the highest slopes.
The level of complexity of the trails in this part of the mountain varies from the blue to the black ones. A blue trail runs under the lift #14; a similar one runs down to the lower station of chair lift #15. The trails of the south-western part of Pohar mountain (chair lift #15) are for experienced skiers — red-coloured trails. The upper part of the mountain (chair lift #22) is the most difficult one — here two black trails for professional skiers run. You can go down here also from the upper neighbouring stations of chair lifts #3 or #13.

Some trails of the described part of Babyn Pohar mountain are connected to the south-eastern trails of the resort (Bulchyniokha mountain, 1455 m). Here chair lifts are located, two of them for 4 persons (#7, #13), one of them — for three persons (#3), with the capacity of 2400 and 1800 persons per hour respectively. From the foot of the mountains (the centre of Bukovel) to the middle of the mountain you can go by the chair lift #7, its lower station is located not far from the lower station of chair lift #14 and also across the road from the lower stations of the chair lifts #2 and #2R (Bukovel mountain). From the other side of the mountain there are chair lifts #3 and #13, their upper stations are nearby.
The trails on this side of the mountain are for the beginners and amateurs of skiing and snowboarding. The trails in the upper part of the mountain, in particular trails to the lower station of chair lift #13, are more difficult. From the top you can also go down to the black professional trails near the chair lift #22.

of the ski lift
Type of the ski lift Length, m Altitude
difference, m
3 chair lift for 3 persons 1100 1150
7 chair lift for 4 persons 957 112
13 chair lift for 4 persons 1181 225
14 chair lift for 4 persons 1947 220
15 chair lift for 4 persons 1159 255
22 chair lift for 4 persons 652 220

The schemes of the ski slopes and ski lifts
Conventional signs

On the trails snowmaking machines and snowcats function (there is a possibility of organising sightseeing tours by them). There are webcams in several places, in particular near the upper stations of chair lifts #2, #7, #12 and lower stations of chair lifts #8 and #11. An electronic system of admission functions here, there are skipasses (you can find the rate of ski-passes — cards for skiing here).
On the territory of the resort there are several ski schools, parkings, dining places (practically near all the stations of the ski lifts) and places for lodging (hotels, lodges), shops with ski equipment etc.

Besides skiing and snowboarding, there is a great amount of interesting activities for active rest in Bukovel ski resort.
For example, there is an outdoor skating rink between the lower stations of the ski lifts #1R and #2.
There are two trails for snowtubing near the ski lifts #2 and #7.
There is a hill near the lower station of chair lift #2, from which you can go down in a transparent sphere — such kind of activity is called 'zorb'.
There is a snowmobile, a snowbike, a snowcat and a quadrocycle for rent. You can also ride in a sleigh drawn by dogs.


In the summer:
Sightseeing lift functions here.
Lift ticket — 100-150 UAH.
Working hours: 09:00-19:00.
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