Ski lifts and slopes in Yablunytsya


Yablunytsky Pereval Kooperatyvny
U Pavla Korivka

Ski lifts in Yablunytsya

YABLUNYTSKY PEREVAL Ski Club (Yablunytsya Pass)

This is a private drag lift located next to Yablunytsya Pass lodge, in a forested area. It's easy to notice when you are on the main road.

The trail is over 500 m long, it's red according to the difficulty level and designed for beginners and amateurs in winter sports. The lower part of the hill is rather flat and suits for studying how to do winter sports. Generally speaking, the slope there has quite hilly, twisty and complex parts which makes it a good choice for practising various maneuvers on the hill. The skiing area has grassy coverage.
You can enjoy beautiful views of the mountain surroundings from the upper point of the skiing area.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference Working hours* Rates**
drag lift 500 m 85 m 10:00-17:00 15 UAH per lift
300 UAH per day
* If there are clients (10 persons).
** For the hotel guests, 20% discount is available.

At the lower station, there are gazebos, barbecue facilities, a swing and hotel rooms; the parking is a bit lower down the hill. There's also a café and a ski rental nearby (ski equipment — 70 UAH, sledges — 30 UAH). Ski lessons are available (200 UAH per hour).

There's a road sign at the turn from Yablunytsya pass to the ski club.

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Korivka (the Cow) ski lift is placed on the mountain of the same name.

The local slope is wide, straight and flat. The green/blue grassy trail there is designed for those who just start learning or actively practising skiing skills.

Ski lift type Length Altitude
Working hours Rates*
drag lift 325 m 44 m 9:00-17:00
February 9:00-18:00
15 UAH per lift
400 UAH per day
* Children under 5 — free of charge; for children 5-12 — discounts.

Though the ticket office is at the lower station, it's more convenient to get to the upper one — from that side you'll see all the necessary services: accommodation, restaurants, ski rentals, shops, etc. One of the ski rentals (from 60 UAH per set) is right at the upper station; there's also a café and some B&Bs. Ski lessons are available as well (from 100 UAH per hour).

This hill is opposite the one where Koza lift is placed. You can get there easily by car: take a turn from the main road following "Gorgany" sign, or turn in a smaller road between the trees (go through the grid gate) — it's the road to the lower station. If you go on foot, the first route takes about 20-25 min, the second one — about 15.

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KOOPERATYVNY (the Cooperative)

At the entrance to the village (Tatariv direction) there's Mykulynka mountain on the left. You can see three lifts there, but nowadays only the one in the middle still works. Now it's called 'Kooperatyvny' (former name — Dynamo-2).

The slope there is more than 850 m long and straight (sometimes hilly), and is red (intermediate) level of difficulty. It's covered with grass, only with some shrubby sections.

Ski lift type Length Altitude
Working hours Rates
drag lift 960 m 185 m 10:00-16:00 10 UAH per lift

Services and facilities available: the ticket office (at the lower station); snowcat functions there; skis and snowboards for rent (nearby), accommodation (lodges on the mountain). Along the road, before you come to the lower station, you can also find a motel, a shop, and a café.

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The private drag lift is erected nearby U Pavla lodge (At Pavlo's). Tourists from all around are welcomed there.

The local slope is rather short, but quite interesting for skiing: it's very close to the horizontal line, but pretty hilly, with a bend in the middle. It's also quite wide and offers different variations to go down. This place suits best beginners and amateurs in skiing or snowboarding. The hill is grassy.

Ski lift type Length Altitude
Working hours Rates
drag lift 400 m 53 m should be arranged

Services and facilities available: accommodation in the lodge, parking places, a restaurant, a ski rental and ski lessons.

How to get there: going along the pass, follow the road sign of the lodge. Then go along the main road (about 20 min on foot). You'll see the lodge on the left.

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