Saunas in Polyanytsya

  • Bath in the Cave

    The eco-bath is located in a cave created by hand in the rocky Carpathian mountains.
    Only natural building materials as stone and wood are used in the design.
    In the steam bath, it is possible to improve your health significantly by inhaling salt vapors of salt ions extracted in the local area.
    The bath consists of a steam room, "salt" and "ice" fonts.
    Price - from 700 UAH per hour for 6 people. Sheets, slippers, herbal tea with honey are included in the price.
    For an additional fee:
    - services of a bath attendant (30 mins - 500 UAH);
    - massage services;
    - a towel - 30 UAH;
    - bath brooms (oak, birch, linden) - 50 UAH.
    Address: Polyanytsya
    Open: 12:00-01:00
    Phone: +38 (067) 208-68-28
  • Російська лазня з кімнатою відпочинку та чан.
    Простирадла та тапочки включено у вартість сеансу.
    Чай, мед, віники - за доплату.
    Можливі послуги банщика та масажиста.
    Address: Polianytsia, Podyna tract, 232
    Open: 09:00-24:00
    Phone: +38 (097) 459-19-24
  • Meeting

    Sauna for 6 persons — 450 UAH per hour (rate includes towels, slippers, sauna caps).
    Towel — 50 UAH, slippers — 15 UAH per pair, bath broom - 100 UAH.
    Address: Polyanytsya, Stayishche hamlet
    Open: 10:00-24:00
    Phone: +38 (095) 326-36-30
  • Preluky

    Wood-heated Russian steam bath for 6-8 persons — 200 UAH per hour, on the bank of river.
    The rate includes towels; sheets, slippers, caps, switches and herbal teas are available for additional payment.
    Address: Polyanytsya, Preluky tract
    Open: around the clock
    Phone: +38 (067) 921-71-75, +38 (0342) 73-05-73
  • Tsar's Bathhouse

    Tzar's (royal) bathhouse for 6 persons — 600 UAH per hour, each additional person — 100 UAH. Bathhouse is made of linden flitch, with a wet room (soap table, bath, tubs with cold water) and a lounge room.
    Professional bathhouse host's service, switches, teas, honey, dried fruits - for extra charge.
    Address: Polyanytsya
    Open: 10:00-24:00
    Phone: +38 (067) 341-44-41
  • Zgarda

    Sauna on firewood for 6 persons with a pool — 650 UAH per 2 hours, additional payment per each additional person — 100 UAH. Towels and bath sheets are included. Extra charge service: herbal tea, bath switches, slippers.
    Address: Polyanytsya, Podyna tract
    Open: around the clock
    Phone: +38 (067) 235-06-87