Worth seeing in Khotyn

  • Church of Alexander Nevsky

    The church was built in 1835 under the guidance of architect Shtaubert, the author of the project. It was built for the russian garrison that stayed at the fortress since 1812.
    The stone church with one cupola and the bell tower is a bright architectural example of russian classicism.
    Address: Khotyn town
  • Church of the Intercession

    The stone church of the Intercession was built in Moscow eparchial style in 1867-1868. It is surrounded by the town park.
    On the right there is a small one-storey house, built in 1868 as a «pritchu» house. Now Museum of Regional Ethnography is located here.
    Address: Khotyn, Svyato-Pokrovska St. 15
  • Custom House

    The Custom House is the oldest and the most prominent structure in Khotyn after the Fortress.
    Khotyn was a border town practically always during its history. That is why it was provided for the custom house.
    The custom house — the structure with thick walls decorated with red brick ornament — was built in XVII–XVIII с.
    Address: Khotyn, Svyato-Pokrovska St. 30
  • Khotyn Fortress

    The Khotyn Fortress Complex is the most prominent architectural and historic monument of XIII-XVIII с. in Bukovyna.
    It is one of Seven Wonders of Ukraine.
    In 2000 the State Preserve «Khotyn Fortress» was found here. The complex undergoes the restoration now.
    Some buildings have been restored already, they serve as exhibition halls for the museum expositions.
    Address: Khotyn town
  • The National Park «Khotynsky» was found in 2011. It occupies the total area of 9431,7 hectares, 5662 hectares belong to the Dniester River basin.
    The Park was established to preserve the natural, historical and cultural complexes and objects in the Dniester River basin on the territory of the Khotyn, Sokyryany and Kelmentsi districts in Chernivtsi region.
    Address: Khotyn, Olimpiyska St. 69
  • Sports School

    The building of the school looks like an ordinary house. It is difficult to believe now that it used to be a roman-catholic church (II half of XIX c.) till 1950-es. The apse of the former church is well preserved.
    Address: Khotyn, Olimpiyska St. 75