Museums in Khotyn

  • The fortress is a famous monument of history and architecture. Today the Khotyn Fortress invites the visitors for two regular exhibitions: "Battering arms" and "Torture instruments".
    Address: Hotyn, Fortechna St., 1
    Open: 9:00-17:00, in Summer 9:00-18:00
    Phone: +38 (03731) 2-29-32, +38 (03731) 2-13-86
  • The museum was found in 1963. Now it is a section of Museum of Regional Ethnography in Chernivtsi. The museum exposition is displayed in 5 rooms and informs about local history and ethnography.
    Address: Khotyn, Svyato-Pokrovska St., 17
    Open: 8:30-17:00; 13:00-14:00 lunch time; closed on Wed.
    Phone: +38 (03731) 2-13-73