Y. Fedkovych Museum
in Chernivtsi

The museum of Yuriy Fedkovych in Chernivtsi was founded in 1945. For a long time the museum exposition was located in one of the residential buildings of Bukovina Metropolitans, and later placed in the premises of the regional museum of local lore. Only in 2004 it was moved to a house where a famous Ukrainian writer spent his last years, which is still the place for the memorial museum.

There are nine exhibition rooms devided into two sections: the literary and memorial one. The exposition aims to create the atmosphere of the times when Y. Fedkovych lived and did his work. The writer is concidered a remarkable author and public figure, the founder of new Ukrainian literature in the region, and an enthusiastic promoter of public education.

The literary section displays authentic photographs, authographs, handwritten works, letters, documents and printed books published in the writer's lifetime, sorted according to different periods of his career. The era's spirit is recreated with historical items around, such as household tools, furniture and festive Hutsul clothing.
The gem of the collection is diorama 'The Lodge of Yuriy Fedkovych' (created by R. Batoh and R. Liekalov), which depicts writer's family cottage in Storonka-Putylovo.

The next exposition after the literary one is the room which recreates the interior of 'Ruska Besida' office, the first Ukrainian cultural public organization in Bukovyna. Visitors can take a look there at authentic furniture, photographs of the members, musical instruments, documents and books having to do with the history of 'Ruska Besida'.

The next room shows the interior of the editor's office of the first Ukrainian newspaper 'Bukovyna', headed by Y. Fedkovych. The office atmosphere is created with the help of old everyday items, furniture, office supplies of the late 19th — early 20th centuries. There's a working desk of Y. Fedkovych as the chief editor. The copies of first 'Bukovyna' editions (1885) are scattered around the desks.

The most memorable place in the whole museum is a living room of Y. Fedkovych, where he spent last years of his life, creating his literary works and where he passed away 11 January, 1888, at the age of 54. There's parquet floor, well-preserved from the writer's time, together with his desk, armchair, his walking stick in the form of shepherd's axe, an inkwell, publications made during his lifetime, autographs and books from his private library. The room is decorated with deer antlers with hanging on them items, typical for Hutsul culture — a sardak (outer garment), a hatchet, a kelef (shepherd's axe), a powder flask and a tobivka (type of handbag). All the items around the room, placed at the coffee table with the handmade tablecloth and on the shelves, are either real historical object or exact replicas of those. There's a lyre, musical instrument that naturally draws visitor's attention — Y. Fedkovych played not only it but also violin and guitar. The light in the house of writer's time was provided by gas lighting, and right in the middle of the room visitors can see a gas lamp dated back to the late 19th — early 20th centuries.

Working hours:
09:00-17:00, Monday — day off.
Entrance fees:
Adults — 20 UAH.
Students — 10 UAH.
Children — 10 UAH.
Guided tours:
Adults — 60 UAH.
Students — 30 UAH.
Children — 30 UAH.
Contact info:
Chernivtsi city
Soborna Square, 10 (enter from I. Franko street)

Tel.: +38 (0372) 52-56-78
How to get there:
By public transport
Go by bus or train to Chernivtsi city. The museum is located in the city centre.

By car
Go along Holovna street in Chernivtsi city, go to the centre. Soborna square is located in the city centre.
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