By Iohann Georg Pinzel Roads

Lviv — Ivano-Frankivsk — Horodenka — Buchach — Rukomysh — Ternopil
351 km
2-3 days (driving — 7-8 hours)
May — October
During long period art historians believed the sculptor to be a legendary personality and his works were imputed to different authors. Pinzel's works, which were created in the late Rococo style, are characterized by expression and action. The principal materials which were used in sculptor's works — wood and stone.

Master's works, which you can observe during tour:

  • I. G. Pinzel's Sculpture Museum (Lviv)
  • St. Yuriy Figure on the horse during the fight with dragon (National Museum, Lviv)
  • Sculptures on St. Yuriy Cathedral facade (Lviv)
  • Angels' Heads (Regional Art Museum, Ivano-Frankivsk)
  • Madonna's Figure near the chapel of the Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception (Horodenka)
  • Stone Statues on the Town Hall (Buchach)
  • Sculptures in Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church (Buchach)
  • Sculptures in the Catholic Church of the Assumption (Buchach)
  • St. Onufriy Figure in Onufriy Rocky Monastery (Rukomysh)
  • St. Vikentiy and St. Francisk Figures, altar reliefs (Regional Art Museum, Ternopil).

Route can also include places, where Pinzel's works were kept (till nowadays they have not been saved or were transferred to museums in Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk): Catholic church in Hodovytsya (Lviv suburbs), Catholic church in Monastyryska in Ternopil region.

Look for accommodation in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil.
Route scheme: