How to use KARPATY.INFO catalogue? is a catalogue which you can use to plan your holiday in the Carpathian region.

For your convenience information about recreation is divided into sections and subsections, they are represented in the top menu.

Special search has been developed for such sections as Accommodation, Eating out, Sport/leisure, Wellness, they allow to choose what you need in accordance with different criteria. In Tours you can find an interesting tour or guides' contacts, survey museums of Western Ukraine. Section Children's vacations offers recreation for children in the Carpathian region. In Business tourism section you will discover various offers for corporate recreation and a list of conference halls.
Accommodation search is also rendered on the first page.

Pay attention to the point that a lowest price is valid mostly during spring and autumn, sometimes in summer too. During New Year period and in winter prices might increase a lot.

Pages of regions, cities, town and villages are also divided into appropriate sections. This means that in a specific location you can choose any section: Hotels or Bed and breakfast (private accommodation), Restaurants (eating out), Sport, Leisure, Tourist services, Tourist routes, Transport etc., in case the service is available in a particular region.

For instance, if you want to have a rest in Osmoloda village, first you can choose a place to stay. To do this, please choose Ivano-Frankivsk region in accommodation search, then choose Osmoloda village (it is located in Rozhnyativ district). You can choose other options according to your needs: eating out, rates etc. Then click on Find. There is a list of objects to suit your request. Click on the image or name of the object so you can enter its full description.

In the catalogue you can also find information about region's ethnography, information about arrival, entertainments etc. To do this, please enter the page of a specific region or district (in the region list you can find all links for districts and regions introduced in the catalogue) or use the top menu.

Also on the first page two selections from the catalogue of objects for recreation are located: objects which have free rooms and objects which have been added recently; also there is a quick search which allows to enter the page of detailed search with just one click.

«REGION» section starts with the region plan which reflects cities, towns and villages, the objects to stay at and the quantity of objects accordingly. If you have already decided where you want to go, this scheme allows you to enter the region or district description and their objects for recreation immediately. The structure of the REGION section corresponds completely with the administrative structure of regions: Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil and Transcarpathian regions.

In case you can see the 'Information is verified' stamp in the object's description, in the top right-hand corner of the page, it means that our staff visited the particular place personally, they took photos and checked the availability of all services. Whereas we are not responsible for whatever quality of service is. Administration of each particular object is responsibile for the accuracy of the information.

We make every effort in order your work with to become as easy as possible.
If any questions or inconvenience arise while using our catalogue, we ask you to contact us immediately with the help of feedback.
We would be grateful to recieve your remarks and suggestions for better work of our website.

We hope our catalogue will become your reliable assistant while travelling around Western Ukraine.
Enjoy your trip!