All the itineraries are designed both for those who travels by car and by public transport, though the second way takes more time. The contacts of bus stations and railway stations are available at Transport services page.

Gold Horseshoe

This traditional tour around Lviv is supplemented by several not so popular but still very interesting places, which can be visited while visiting castles.

Around Boykivshchyna

During this tour one can see wooden churches, splendid Carpathian landscapes and meet the hospitable boykys.

Following the Traces of Brave Soldier Švejk

Those who are fond of a famous satirical work by Jaroslav Hašek (the Czech writer) can visit all Galician towns, where their favourite stepped.

The Architectural Masterpieces of Roztochchya

This unique trip combines a splendid nature of Roztochchya with an ideal town and a popular centre of pilgrims acquaintance.

From Lviv to Stanislaviv — Three Prince's Capitals

This route is incredibly interesting for those people who are interested in historic and architectural monuments.

Around Hutsulshchyna

This trip will first of all attract those persons who are fond of nature, exciting landscapes, peace and harmony.

Around Boykivshchyna-2

Thir route runs across Ivano-Frankivsk region and it is interesting for people who are fond of active recreation.

Around Pokuttya

During this tour one can find interesting historic monuments, reserves, museums, restaurants with tasty cuisine and cosy hotels.

By Iohann Georg Pinzel Roads

Iohann Georg Pinzel is a recently revealed for public sculptor of the second half of the XVIII century. This route gives an opportunity to explore little known nooks of Ukraine and to see highly artistic works in the late Rococo style of this fabulous person.

Wine Tour

Special appeal of this route is the most famous wine cellars of the Transcarpathians visiting in combination with outstanding architectural monuments observing.

Castles Pearls of the Transcarpathians

The most exciting this tour is for history and architecture fanciers.

Wooden Wonder of the Transcarpathians

During this tour one can see churches of the boykys and lemkys, and an architectural wonder — Gothic wooden churches of Maramaroshchyna.

"Шлях дерев’яної архітектури у Підкарпатському воєводстві"

Туристичні маршрути шляху дерев’яної архітектури у Підкарпатському воєводстві об'єднують понад 120 дерев'яних церков і костелів цього регіону Польщі.

"Родові гнізда Любомирських"

Історико-архітектруний туристичний маршрут, який поєднує декілька родових гнізд знатного магнатського роду Любомирських.