Museum of Przemyśl Land


The Museum was founded in 1909 as the Museum of Scientific Society Friends in Przemyśl. In 2008 the museum got a new building, it appeared on the site of old stone buildings that were destroyed during II World War.

Today the museum collections number about 200 thousand exhibits of archaeology, history, art and ethnography. Among the paintings there are pictures of Jan Matejko, Artur Grottger, Wojciech Kossak. The museum's library contains 35 thousand books, including 98 manuscripts and about 400 ancient engravings.

The main building houses two regular expositions. The first one represents various items of sacral art of two nations — Polish and Ukrainian, that together had been creating the local history. That's why the title of the department is "Credo in Two Voices". The exposition displays a great ammount of icons (about 800), fragments of ancient iconostasises with rich carving, church clothes, various ecclesiastical things. The paintings of well-known masters — Mavuze, Rafael, Franchesko Bassano, Michaelangelo Unterberger and also works of local artists — Mikołaj Tereinskij, Stefan Grodzickij, Józef Wilka, Johann Pinzel etc. — are of great interest. The exhibits are displayed chronologically. So the visitor can follow the development of stylistic peculiarities in the cultural life of two nations.

The second regular exposition has the title "Fortress of Przemyśl". Its exhibits inform about the entire history of one of the most important fortresses of the I World War period. There are various exhibits in the exposition: ammunition, arms, photo materials, personal things and things of everyday life — witnesses of the events of 1854-1915. The exhibits representing the attacks and sieges of the fortress during the period 1914, September — 1915, June impress the visitors greatly. The section dedicated to the Hungarian defenders of the fortress is worth seeing, too. It displays unique photo materials.

Now there is a temporary exhibition "World, not existing now" in the Museum exposition. It is dedicated to the past of the Jewish community in Przemyśl. The exhibition presents a large collection of Judaica: photos, pictures of Jewish painters, books and newspapers from the Museum library. One can also see elements of traditional Jewish clothes used during a mess (talysas, caps), sacral things (theophyllines) and various things of everyday life. One section presents a typical living room with a table served for Sabbath. A part of the exposition displays the items connected with a liturgy in the synagogue.

Working hours:
10:30-17:30 Tuesday;
10:00-14:00 Wednesday;
9:00-15:00 Thursday;
10:30-17:30 Friday;
9:00-16:00 Saturday;
11:00-15:00 Sunday;
closed on Monday.
Entrance fees:
Adults — 10 PLN.
Students — 5 PLN.
Children — 5 PLN.
Excursion rates:
Guide services — 20 PLN per group.
Plac płk. Berka Joselewicza

Теl.: +48 (016) 679-30-25

How to get:
By public transport
Go by train or fixed route bus to Chernivtsi. The museum is located in the city centre.
Detailed information about public transport.

By car
In Chernivtsi town go along Holovna street (the Main) to the Town Hall. The museum is on the rights of the Town Hall.
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