History Museum of Przemyśl city


The museum is situated in an ancient house (XVI с.) at the Rynok Square. It is the former Brzykowska house named in honour of its first owners. Peter Wloch, an Italian architect, is the author of the project. For a long time the building housed various storages, shops, apartments of a pharmacist or councillors, etc. Now there is a restaurant "Piwnica Mieszczańska" at the basement of the house.

The Museum exposition includes several interesting departments representing the city history and everyday life of its citizens.

"Gallery of Przemyśl Coat of Arms" informs about the foundation and evolution of one of the oldest Polish coats of arms (seven centuries). It is of special interest for the heraldry fans.

Section "Large Chamber" represents the most impressive part in the citizen's apartments of XVI-XVII с. Refinement and richness of its interior were discussed and gossiped about among the city aristocracy.

The museum exposition on the first floor has the title "Middle-class Interiors" and is dedicated to the interior decorations of the city dwellings. Mostly the interiors, typical of XIX — I half of XX c., are represented here. The authors of the exposition wanted to show the evolution of stylistic peculiarities in the interior and to present the local material culture.

In a separate room the photo studio of the turn of XIX-XX с. is reconstructed.

Department of archaeology represents the early period in the city history. Various exhibits here simply impress the history lovers. There are exclusive exhibits in the section: coins of Emperor Justinian I of Byzantium (VI c.), bronze pectorals and crosses of XII - XIII с., etc.

Department "Przemyśl History in 1345-1939 period" is a continuation of the department of archaeology. Its exposition depicts the main periods of local history during last six centuries. Thematically it is divided into following sections:

  • Przemyśl in XIV — XIX с.
  • Przemyśl during partition of the Polish state
  • Interwar period
  • Przemyśl in graphics and old photos
  • Polish Legions in 1914-1918
  • Przemyśl during II World War
  • Local Loss during II World War.

Various thematic exhibitions are constantly held on the ground floor of the Museum building.
Working hours:
10:30-17:30 Tuesday;
10:00-14:00 Wednesday;
9:00-15:00 Thursday;
10:30-17:30 Friday;
9:00-16:00 Saturday;
11:00-15:00 Sunday;
closed on Monday.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 8 PLN
Students — 4 PLN
Children — 4 PLN
Excursion rates:
Guide services — 20 PLN
Przemyśl city
Rynek, 9

Теl.: +48 (016) 678-65-01

How to get:
By public transport
Go by train or bus to Przemyśl. The Museum is situated in the city center.

By car
In Przemyśl go to Rynek square.
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