Museums in Przemyśl

  • The Museum exposition includes several interesting departments representing the city history and everyday life of its citizens.
    Address: Przemyśl, Rynek, 9
    Open: 10:30-17:30 Tue; 10:00-14:00 Wed.;
    9:00-15:00 Thu; 10:30-17:30 Fri;
    9:00-16:00 Sat.; 11:00-15:00 Sun.;
    closed on Mon.
  • The Museum of Bells and Pipes is situated in the so-called Clock tower of XVII с. Its exposition is divided into three departments: bells exhibition, exhibition of modern pipes and ancient pipes exhibition from the Museum funds.
    Address: Przemyśl, Vladyche St., 3
    Open: 10:30-17:30 Tue.; 10:00-14:00 Wed;
    9:00-15:00 Thu; 10:30-17:30 Fri;
    9:00-16:00 Sat; 11:00-15:00 Sun.;
    Closed on Mon.
  • The Museum was founded in 1909. Today the museum collections number about 200 thousand exhibits of archaeology, history, art and ethnography. There are two regular expositions: "Credo in two voices" that represents things of sacral art and the exposition "Fortress of Przemyśl" that fully informs about the history of one of the most important fortresses of the I World War period.
    Address: Przemysl, B.Yozelevych Sq.
    Open: 10:30-17:30 Tue. 10:00-14:00 Wed.
    9:00-15:00 Thu. 10:30-17:30 Fri.
    9:00-16:00 Sat. 11:00-15:00 Sun.
    Closed on Mon.