Ski lifts and slopes in Solochyn


HOLUBYNE Sports Complex
(from KVITKA POLONYNY Spa Resort)

The ski lift is located nearby KVITKA POLONYNY Spa Resort. There used to be 2 lifts, but till now only one has remained.

The easier-intermediate trails there can lead you down the hill two ways — straight down from the upper station or (the easier way) detouring through the trees. The slopes are mostly hilly ones, sometimes covered with shrubs and flatter, rather wide (about 50 m) and long (up to 1 km). They suite better beginners and amateurs in winter sports.

Ski lift type Length Altitude
drag lift 800 m 145 m

At the lower station there's a ticket office and a ski rental; there's also a rest area (tables with benches) and WC nearby. The ski trail map is nearby the lift. Snowcat functions on the hill. There are also 2 mineral wells — Poliana Kvasova next to the piste and a mineral well a little bit farther into the wood (while descending, on the right).

To get to the lift, follow the road signs of Kvitka Polonyny Spa Resort untill the banner of Kvitka Polonyny restaurant, where you take a turn left (parking places are available there). After that, you go on foot, cross a small bridge and take a path on the left.

Ski lift and trails
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