Saunas, swimming pools and wellness salons in Karpaty

  • At John's

    Swimming pool (12х4 m) — 25 UAH/person, for children to 11 years — free of charge. Massage room with bed 'Prior'. There are such properties: soft extraction of spine with the removal of compression of intervertebral disks and warming up of the surrounding muscles and all spine. An effect is a pain removal in the back, health improvement, relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, breaking up and destroying harmful heavy metals from the body. The cost is 2 UAH/minute.
    A professional hand classic massage with an individual approach to the patient's illness is offered. The cost is 30 UAH/session.
    Phytotherapy by Carpathian herbs, trainer for the different groups of muscles.
    Address: Karpaty 25
    Open: 09:00-22:00