Worth seeing in Vyshnivets

  • Carmelites Monastery

    The monastery complex was built on Yarema Vishnevetsky's initiative in 1640. It was a defensive structure, a part of the castle's fortifications.
    In 1648 the monastery was destroyed by the Cossaсks. Later the church of St. Michael was built here.
    Now one can see only the monastery cells where the hostel is located.
    Address: Vyshnivets
  • Church of Ascention

    The church was built in 1530 and, firstly, had a defensive character. Besides, it served as the burial vault of Vyshnevetski family. In old times it had ancient icons and a beautiful iconostasis. It was just the place of the engagement (or wedding ceremony) of pseuvdo-Dmytriy and Marina Mnishek.
    The church got its modern forms during the reconstruction of 1872-1873.
    In 1989 it was renovated.
    There is a cemetry with ancient graves not far from the church.

    Address: Vyshnivets
  • Vyshnivets Palace

    The first castle on this territory dates back to 1395 (a memorial sign to Bayda Vyshnevetsky is established here). The fortress existed till 1640. Then Yarema Vyshnevetsky reinforced the new castle, which was destroyed by the Turks in 1675.
    The Palace Complex (Palace itself, 2 outbuildings, gates, garden) was rebuilt in 1716 in the classical style according to the Western European model.
    Michael Servazzi, the last of the Vyshnevetski family initiated it. Then the Mnishek family became the owner of the Palace. They adorned its rooms with luxurious decor. The Palace contained an art gallery, a theater, a library, an archive. The complex was sometimes called the 'Polish Versailles'.
    But it was sold in 1852, and the sale of the local treasures began. Only in 1905 the new owner, General Demidov, partially recreated the former luxury of the Palace. Later, during the two World Wars and the fire (1944) the ensemble suffered greatly. In 1920, 1950, 1960 it was reconstructed, and is used to house various Institutions: a House of Culture, a cinema, a library, a school.
    Now the complex is a branch of the reserve 'Castles of Ternopillya'.
    There is a memorial plague to Taras Shevchenko at the entrance to the complex.
    The beautiful palace park, founded at the beginning of the XVIII c., was badly damaged during the World Wars. Nevertheless, it attracts the visitors by more than 120 species of trees, including exotic ones.

    Address: Vyshnivets

Some other sights:

  • Church of Archangel Michael (1726, 1768, 1840), wooden
  • Mammoths burial — the monument of paleontology, at the entry to Vyshnevets
  • Church of the Nativity (1845), wooden; Staryy Vyshnevets
  • A three-storey mill of Hryazunovi brothers  (ХІХ с., 1906), Staryy Vyshnevets, near the pond