The Literary Memorial Museum of Juliusz Slowacki

The museum is placed in the former house of the Slowacki family (functions from 2004).
The monument to Juliusz Slowacki was erected nearby the house in 1969 (the sculptor — Vasyl Boroday).
Juliusz Slowacki (1809-1849) was a famous Polish poet of the first half of the 19th century. He was also known as a play writer and philosopher. During his short life, he created about 150 poems, 20 narrative poems and more than 25 dramas. The author was born in Kremenets, but in 1811 his family moved to Vilnius. After the death of his father (1814) Juliusz and his mother came back to Ukraine; later, in 1818, after starting his own family, he again appeared in Vilnius, where he studied law and literature. His big interest was, in particular, the theory of poetry. In 1826 he came back again to Kremenets to support his mother. He also lived in Warsaw, where took part in the rebellion (1830). After that, he emigrated to France, lived in Switzerland, Italy and visited many other countries. Juliusz Slowacki died in Paris. He was reburried in 1927 in Wawel castle (Krakiw, Poland).

The exposition was given a meaningful title 'The Hour of Reflections' (the same as one of the author's autobiographical poems) and is placed in 8 rooms presenting the life and literary work of the poet with the background of the times he lived in.

The tour starts from the childhood of Juliusz Slowacki: the first room is the copy of a living room of Slowacki family, with portraits of the poet and his relatives, landscapes of Kremenets, etc. The next room tells a story about later childhood and student years of the author, where you can learn about the environment and locations in which Juliusz had been growing up and started creating his poems.

The third room presents the next stage of the poet's life, which is about his days in Warsaw and his attempts of political and patriotic activities. The room # 4 holds the collection of the author's letters, his first poetical publications and information about his muses.

In the next spacious room the atmosphere of Slowacki family drawing room is recreated: there are some copies of historical furniture, together with authentic Slowackis' belongings, like clavichord (stringed keyboard instrument, early 19th century) and piano (20th century). In that room you can also see the original painting by Slowacki — 'Misty Morning Over the Sea'.

Then, in the next room, you will find out about the travelling time in the poet's life, his trips around Ukraine and abroad — to Greece, Egypt, Jerusalem, and some others. Following the lifetime of the author, you will proceed to the room where you will get to know him at his time of quite prolific work in Paris and see the complete collection of his works. In that room, the last 10 years of Slowacki are described through the exhibits and lead you to his death.

The very last section of the exposition displays panoramic pictures of Kremenets, not only modern one, but also of the pre-war times. There are also photographs of well-known people from different countries, who somehow influenced life and poetical work of Slowacki.

9:00-17:00; Saturday, Sunday — 10:00-16:00.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 35 UAH.
Pupils, students — 25 UAH.
Adults — 140 UAH.
with a foreign language (RU, PL) — 160 UAH.
Pupils, students — 90 UAH.
with a foreign language (RU, PL) — 100 UAH.
Contact info:
Ternopil region
Kremenets town
J. Slowacki St., 16

Tel.: +38 (03546) 2-24-97
How to get there:
The museum is located in the town centre, on J. Slowacki street opposite the botanical garden (on the left of the road).
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