Worth seeing in Kremenets

  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas

    The Franciscan Monastery (XVI-XVII с.) was given to the Orthodox church in 1832. It was also the time when the church got the name — the cathedral of St. Nicholas. There is a medieval iconostasis in the interior. There are also some interesting carving works that decorate the iconostasis.

    Address: Kremenets, Shevchenko St. 57
  • Epiphany Nunnery

    The Epiphany Nunnery in Kremenets.
    It is a monument of the Renaissance style. Its construction began in XVII с. Since 1760 the structure belonged to Calvinists, later — to Basilians. Nowadays it belongs to Orthodox church.
    Since 1636 it housed school, hospital, printing house. The well-known Grammar (1638) — one of the first textbooks in the Church Slavonic language was edited just here.
    There is a cemetery near the monastery.

    Address: Kremenets, Dubenska St. 2
  • Jesuit Collegium

    The monastery complex was built in 1771. The Jesuit Collegium was located here till 1773.
    Since 1805 the Volyn High School with an observatory, a library (some specimens dating back to 1500), a room of numismatics and art gallery were situated here.
    The educational institution changed its name for several times.
    Today the Kremenetskiy Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute named after T. Shevchenko is located here. And the former Roman Catholic church became the Orthodox church of Transfiguration.

    Address: Kremenets, Litseyna St. 1
  • Kremenets castle

    The first fortress is supposed to be built here in XII-ХІII с. It was one of the most huge fortifications that resisted the Tatar-Mongol attacks in 1241 and 1255. But the fortress was dismantled according to the treaty of 1261. A new stone castle was built at the end of the XIII c. Its walls were as thick as 2,3 м and as high as 8-12 м. In the yard there were casemates, administrative and supply buildings and the church of St.Michael.
    Today one can see only the remains of windows and loopholes of the former fortress, the entrance gate with the Gothic tower and the old well.
    Since 2001 the Castle has been the part of the History and Architecture Reserve.

    Address: Kremenets, Zamkova St.
  • The national park was founded in 2009, December 11. It is located within the area of Kremenetsk and Shumsk district in Ternopil region. Its total area is 6951,2 hectares.
    The park was created to protect the unique nature and historic complexes in the region.

    Address: Kremenets, Osovytsya St. 12
  • Twins House

    This house in baroque style (XVII- XVIII с.) is one of the oldest stone buildings of the city. The common wall and similarity of the houses explains the name of the structure. Such buildings were typical ot that time.

    Address: Kremenets, Medova St. 1, 3