Worth seeing in Сhortkiv

  • Chortkiv Castle

    The founder of the castle was Jerzy Chartkovsky, the owner of Chortkiv. He ordered to build wooden fortifications. The place for the castle was strategically unsuccessful. That's why in 1610 the stone castle was built. The whole structure was based on a pentagonal complex with towers at the corners, walls with loopholes as thick as 1-2 m and as heigh as 6-12 m and the palace in the yard.
    In 1655 the castle was captured by Cossacks. After capturing of Chortkiv by Turks (1672-1683) the castle was the residence of subpashi.
    In the XVIII c. the owners of the castle rebuilt the construction and rent it out to the Austrian government. In 1863 there was a prison. In late XIX c. the castle was given to the charity organizations. Later it served as a storage.
    Since 2010 the building is under the protection of the reserve 'Castles of Ternopil region'.

    Address: Chortkiv, Zamkova St. 1
  • Church of the Ascension

    The wooden church of St. Nicholas was built without a single nail in 1630. After the attacks of Tatars and Turks it was restored in 1717. This unique example of wooden architecture was reconstructed in 1996-1997. Near the church there is a wooden bell tower.

    Address: Chortkiv, Zaliznychna st.
  • Church of the Theotokos Assumption

    The first church was built in 1581-1584. The temple was destroyed several times during enemy attacks. It was reconstructed for the last time in 1635. Now it is one of the oldest wooden churches in Podillya. In 1991 the temple was completely restored.
    Its iconostasis dates back to the XVIII c.
    There is a wooden bell tower nearby.

    Address: Chortkiv, Tserkovna st., 12
  • Dominican Church

    The full name of the structure is the church of St. Virgin, St.Rozariy and Stanislaw.
    It was built as a Roman-Catholic church in 1610-1614. Firstly, it had defensive features (defensive walls, loopholes and towers were dismantled at the beginning of the XX c.).
    The church had been reconstructed in 1731 and 1910. Since that time it got its modern «Gothic» look.
    Now there is a copy of the Chortkiv miraculous icon of Our Lady in the church (the original is kept now in Poland).

    Address: Chortkiv, T. Shevchenko St. 2
  • Old Town Hall

    The building of the Town Hall dates back to 1908. The Tower attracts the eye by its color, it was filmed in several movies. The Tower Clock was made by ​​Swiss masters.

    Address: Chortkiv, Rynok sq.
  • Sts. Peter and Paul cathedral

    The huge temple started in 1992. It was consecrated in 2001. Its height reaches 51 m. The most interesting is that the dome of the church creates a trident.

    Address: Chortkiv, Rynok sq.