Museums in Brody

  • Museum's exposition shows the history of the school in different periods. The section «Persons in school's history» is of big interest. It tells the visitors about the famous people - former pupils. A prominent Austrian writer Joseph Roth is among them.
    Address: Brody, Kotsyubynsky St. 2
    Open: 8:00-17:00; closed on Sat., Sun.
  • Museum of regional studies was opened in 1984. Its exposition consists of 43 departments arranged in 7 halls: "The remote Past", "Polish period", "Region under the power of Austrian empire", "The I and the II World Wars".
    "Nature of the Region" and "Ethnography" are presented separately.
    Address: Brody, Svoboda Sq. 5
    Open: 10:00-18:00, closed o n Sat.
  • Виставковий зал
    вул. Шкільна, 13 (замок)