Museums in Krasnyk

  • Hutsul Household Museum

    The museum has been working since 2011. It is located in the Hutsul house which was built in 2009 according to the 18th century construction near садиби "Кринта".
    Vasyl, the host of the house, conducts master classes using the ancient Hutsul household appliances. Namely:
     — quern-stones for grinding corn;
     — a swift, a spindle, an «umbrella swift» and other appliances for fabrication of woolen thread.
     — mortar and pestle for grinding flaxseed grains;
     — making oil from flaxseed flour;
     — cooking cheese.
    Master classes are, as a rule, held in the entryway.
    In the very living room, you can see traditional wooden tableware.
    For example, barrels, buckets for collecting milk, wooden beer mugs, jugs etc. Some of them are about 100 years old.
    Moreover, there some other items: pich (oven) which is still working, its appliances, wooden bed, table, chairs, woolen blankets, icons painted by a local artist and a traditional musical instrument — telenka.
    Some of the items cannot be easily found nowadays, that's why the host has made them by himself.
    It is also possible to try on Hutsul clothes, for women or men, and take photos of yourself. But it would cost 25 UAH per person.
    Excursion: free of charge.
    Address: Krasnyk, Nezalezhnist St. 5
    Open: on request