Historical certificate:
Opened in 1860's a narrow-gauge railway branch connected Boykivshchyna with Austro-Hungarian Empire known as a centre of wood processing industry. The network of narrow-gauge railways became irreplaceable in wood stoking, processing and selling. Spreading through picturesque Horhany, it became the witness of the greatness of Austro-Hungarian Empire, war and partisan events taking place there. It was also the witness of local people difficult life and hard work of wood-cutters. Having reached its biggest length and blossom in the Soviet period, it began to decay suffering from both mankind and nature process. Now the territory, where only an industrial narrow-gauge railway used to be, is completely renewed and a very interesting sightseeing route is created.
Description of route:
The Carpathian tram is the only sightseeing route in Ukraine by a narrow-gauge railway. If goes alongside Mizunka river in picturesque Carpathian foothills. The narrow track is 760 mm wide. It is almost twice less than a traditional one in Europe. The train consists of a special locomotive having 12 seats for tourists where one can watch a train operator during his work and two carriages for different tourists taste: a closed carriage with comfortable seats, so-called carriage-cabriolet and an open platform for merry rest and photohunting.

During the route the guide will tell you about the history, usage, function and the greatness of the narrow-gauge railway network. He or she will inform you how it became possible to reconstruct this narrow-gauge railway line in Prykarpattya. On the route there are stops near the bridge across the Mizunka river; the spring of mineral water "Horyanka" and hunging bog "Shyrkovets"; "Dubovyj Kut" station and the cascade of the Mizunka waterfall. The Carpathian tram crosses 4 bridges (there are over 30 on the way). Ordering the sightseeing tour to Mindunok station one can visit a former wood-cutter settlement from which railway industrial lines went away into different mountain directions and observe the manoeuvre of "a green tram".

If passangers wish, a picnic can be organised at Mindunok and Dubovyj Kut stations.

Beginning of the route Beginning of the route The tram stop The tram stop
In motion On a bridge The open platform Mizunka waterfalls
Carpathian tram Carpathian tram The tram inside
Ivano-Frankivsk region

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