Restaurants and cafés in Vyhoda

  • Триповерховий ресторан, у якому розташовані 3 зали (на 40, 100 та 200 місць).
    Українська кухня.
    Великий вибір алкогольних та безалкогольних напоїв.
    Обслуговування за меню.
    Комплексне харчування.
    Address: Vyhoda, D. Halytsky St. 48
    Open: 11:00-18:00
    Phone: +38 (068) 145-24-26, +38 (095) 752-74-15
    Banquet roomParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC
  • Chance

    Cosy café on 20-25 seats. In the menu there are different kinds of salo (leaf lard), a wide choice of varenyky, potato pancakes, pancakes and home-baked pastry.
    Address: Vyhoda, Danylo Halytsky St. 36v
    Open: 11:00-23:00
    Phone: +38 (03477) 6-14-62, +38 (067) 344-29-25
    Non-smoking roomParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC
  • Manchela

    Modern stylized cafe with 2 banquet halls for 100 people, a bar and VIP-hall.
    Ukrainian and European cuisine, a wide range of pizzas and set meals.
    Service for tourist groups is available.
    Specials: carp, shish kebab, traditional Vyhoda cutlets, mushroom soup.
    Organization of celebrations and banquets. Live music - on request.
    Address: Vyhoda, D. Halytsky St. 33-a
    Open: 11:00-23:00
    Phone: +38 (096) 605-50-00, +38 (050) 715-29-95
    Banquet roomParkingOpen fireplace, barbecue facilitiesAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC