Worth seeing in Rohatyn

  • Church of Nativity of the Virgin

    The church (XIV-XV) is one of the oldest in the region. Now it is a Greek-Catholic church.
    In old times the local people used to take refuge in the church during the tatar attacks. For several times the church was rebuilt. Now the monument combines the elements of the gothyc and baroque architecture.
    Address: Rohatyn, Roksolana Sq., 18
  • Church of St. Nicholas

    The wooden church of St. Nickolas (1729) is situated on the hill. From this point one can observe the panorama of Rohatyn.
    The church is a prominent monument of Galician wooden architecture, though after the renovation it looks a little bit artificial.
    There are wall paintings of the XX c. in the church interior. Nearby the wooden bell-tower with the tent top is located.
    Address: Rohatyn (Babyntsi Horishni suburb)
  • Church of the Holy Spirit

    The church is a museum-monument of the wooden architecture and sacral art of XVI-XVIII с.
    It is dated according to the inscription in the interior, though some researchers date it back to 1562 and 1648. The bell-tower was built in XVIII c.
    The dominant feature of the interior is the five-tier iconostasis of the Renaissance style. It was constructed in 1650 thanks to the efforts of the local town community.

    Address: Rohatyn, Roksolana St., 10
  • Roman-Catholic Church of St. Nickolas

    The church of St. Nickolas is a monumental structure with a high bell-tower that marks out the main entrance and, is the basic architectural emphasis of the structure.
    The bell-tower is celebrated by the elegance and proportionality of its architectural elements. The loopholes of the bell-tower showed its defensive character during the attacks of Tatars and Turks in XVII c.
    1666 year is considered to be «the official» date of the church's construction. Though the gothyc elements prove that the church must have been constructed much more earlier. The reconstruction of the XIX c. hid the defensive features of the church and gave it the gothyc and renaissance forms.
    In the church's interior the elegant altar attracts the visitors' attention.
    In the years of independance the church was given to the catholic community, was restored and consecrated as the church of St. Anna.
    Address: Rohatyn, Roksolana Sq.